#32: Breastfeeding Tips with Kylie Field (IBCLC)

Episode art for episode "#32: Breastfeeding Tips with Kylie Field (IBCLC)". A mother is pictured breastfeeding her infant.

In this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing someone who has provided me with so much support and knowledge, right from the very beginning of My Little Eater! I’m talking all about breastfeeding with lactation consultant, Kylie Field, and I’m so excited to have you all listen to what she has to say. […]

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers 2020

Main image for the article "The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Babies & Toddlers 2020". Pictured is a decorated Christmas tree with wrapped presents beneath it.

The holiday season is upon us, and either you’re just beginning your shopping, are done you’re shopping, or maybe you’re the “wait until Christmas Eve to start” kinda person – but one thing’s for sure, deciding what to buy for your kids, especially before they’re able to tell you what they want, is not always […]

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#31: Learning to eat without the TV and other mealtime distractions

Episode art for "#31: Screen Time and Other Distractions During Meals", a baby sits on a couch with two stuffed animals, holding a TV remote.

In this episode, I’m answering a listener’s question on how to help her child eat, when the only way they can eat is with the TV on. I go over all my recommendations with regards to watching TV, or providing other distractions for your toddler, during mealtimes. Now, if you’ve seen some of my content […]

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Hiding Veggies From Your Toddler

A young toddler is shown sitting on the floor playing with 3 peppers. The title of the article "Hiding Veggies from your Toddler" is seen below.

I’m sure you’ve seen a toddler, or older child, that refuses to eat their vegetables. Heck it’s pretty likely that your child refuses them! It’s such a common struggle that parents have. So much so that there’s actually a market out there for teaching parents how to hide veggies in various foods so their kids […]

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#28: One Mama’s Journey into Starting Solids the Baby Led Way

Centered in the image is a picture of a mom and her little boy, approx. 1 year old, sitting on a blanket outside on the grass. Surrounding the image are stars and hearts. The image has a maroon border.

In this episode, I’m interviewing a Mama who is also a graduate of both my Baby Led Feeding and Feeding Toddlers online courses! She has a son who is now officially a toddler, she’s a stay at home Mama, and has some incredible experiences to share about her journey into solids, and into toddlerhood. Listen […]

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Bedtime Snacks for Toddlers

The image has a maroon border, the top half shows three young boys in matching striped pajamas eating cookies and milk at a table. The bottom half has the My Little Eater logo and the title of the article.

Bedtime snacks – yay or nay? I get this question A LOT on Instagram when I do my weekly Q&A Wednesdays. We’ve all had our toddler proclaim seconds after being told it’s bedtime, “But I’m hungryyyyy!” So, what’s the deal? It’s time for me to lay this all out for you, because the truth is, […]

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