#28: One Mama’s Journey into Starting Solids the Baby Led Way

Centered in the image is a picture of a mom and her little boy, approx. 1 year old, sitting on a blanket outside on the grass. Surrounding the image are stars and hearts. The image has a maroon border.

In this episode, I’m interviewing a Mama who is also a graduate of both my Baby Led Feeding and Feeding Toddlers online courses! She has a son who is now officially a toddler, she’s a stay at home Mama, and has some incredible experiences to share about her journey into solids, and into toddlerhood. Listen […]

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Bedtime Snacks for Toddlers

The image has a maroon border, the top half shows three young boys in matching striped pajamas eating cookies and milk at a table. The bottom half has the My Little Eater logo and the title of the article.

Bedtime snacks – yay or nay? I get this question A LOT on Instagram when I do my weekly Q&A Wednesdays. We’ve all had our toddler proclaim seconds after being told it’s bedtime, “But I’m hungryyyyy!” So, what’s the deal? It’s time for me to lay this all out for you, because the truth is, […]

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#27: 5 Simple Steps for Handling Halloween Treats for Toddlers

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In this episode, I’m discussing my views on Halloween – specifically regarding Halloween candy consumption. I’m going to be sharing with you my 5 steps that us parents can use to manage our children’s candy intake around Halloween. You may be surprised by what I recommend! You see, I know the fear and anxiety of […]

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10 feeding questions you’ve wanted to ask, but haven’t!

10 common feeding questions about baby and toddler feeding

Just to switch things up a little bit this week, instead of writing about a specific topic, I’m sharing with you the answers to those nitty gritty feeding questions you may have been meaning to ask, but haven’t! These are actual examples of questions I’ve received through Instagram, and they may seem very specific, but […]

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#26: Feeding Safety with Holly Choi of Safe Beginnings

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In this first episode of Season 2 of The My Little Eater Podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Holly Choi, co-owner of Safe Beginnings. She’s passionate about keeping your children safe, and we speak about everything involving safety while feeding. We’re discussing choking hazards, high chair safety, and how to best be prepared […]

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