Best and Worst Crackers for Babies & Toddlers

Crackers can be an excellent food choice for your baby or toddler! They serve as an easy and convenient snack, have diverse flavours, and serve as a great vehicle for other nutrient dense foods like nut/seed butters, hummus, meats, and dips, among others. But the truth is, not all crackers are created equal! And there seem to be a million companies out there claiming their crackers are healthy. So let’s dive in and find out my top picks for babies and toddlers, and which to avoid or limit.


This has been so helpful for when I'm grocery shopping! I know exactly what crackers to buy now and which are the healthiest options for my baby.
Amy Waters
Mom of 16 month old

This 11 page guide includes:

  • A complete breakdown of the characteristics to look for and avoid in crackers
  • How to serve crackers and reduce choking risk
  • Criteria for our cracker guide ranking (Best Crackers, Runners Up, Serve Occasionally, Avoid/Limit)
  • Specific brand suggestions by age (with images)

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