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Baby Led Weaning
(But Make It Purees!)

A 60 minute workshop on how to confidently transition from purees to finger foods – without the fear! With the creator of the Texture Timeline™ and pediatric dietitian with over 13 years of experience, Edwena Kennedy.

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​​Whether you haven’t started solids yet…

Have started but are stuck with where to go from here…

Or know what foods to offer (but are terrified to offer them)…

Spend 1 hour learning the 3 phases of my Texture Timeline™ that’s allowed tens of thousands of parents to go from stressed 🙌 to offering TONS of new food 🎉 and enjoying newfound confidence and a food-loving baby that can eat everything ✌️

In Just 60 Minutes, You Will Learn:


The 3 myths of starting solids that could be holding you and your baby from advancing in textures and learning how to eat well


How you can start with easy textures and progress to more advanced ones without anxiety


What foods you can (and should!) offer to prevent picky eating (at a safe and comfortable pace for you and your baby)


How to get over your fear of gagging, choking and taking big bites of food


Just For Showing Up, You Get

Your own 180 First Foods & Textures Guide to offer your baby

In this instantly downloadable guide, you’ll get your own step-by-step instructions on how to move through easier to more advanced texture phases and the perfect variety of foods and textures that will be safest for your baby based on the skills they have.

Including the ever-so-popular 180 first foods & texture checklist, that you can hang on your fridge and check off foods as you go! Whether you’re starting with finger foods, or purée/mashed foods, the key here is to progress and advance to the next texture in a timely manner. We’ll show you how.

Hey there, I’m Edwena.

Mama, Pediatric Dietitian and Feeding Expert with Over 13 Years in The Field, Founder of My Little Eater and Creator of The Texture Timeline™.

And I get it.

I started both my boys off with purees and I totally understand the fear of moving on from your comfort zone. Finger foods can be TERRIFYING.

I also totally see the pressure on social media for parents to be starting their babies off on finger foods from day 1. All in the name of picky eating prevention.

And I’m over it.

You’re unique and your baby is unique and a one-size-fits all approach just isn’t going to cut it. The truth is, you don’t have to choose between purees and baby-led weaning.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of parents take their feelings of overwhelm, fear and anxiety – and transform it into complete confidence and excitement. And I’ve gotten really good at it through my step-by-step approach and signature method, The Texture Timeline™

If you’re ready to stop feeling like you’re “behind” (spoiler alert, you’re NOT behind) and get proven, research-based feeding strategies, evidence based nutrition advice, talk true picky eating prevention and have some mom-to-mom connection, so you can enjoy starting solids and yes, even finger foods, join me for what attendees have called a “life-changing” workshop.

Choose the time that works best for you below!

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