Let’s take the stress out of 

starting solids

You don’t have to choose between purées and BLW (baby-led weaning). We help parents and caregivers safely and gradually transition their baby from purees to more advanced textures, and finger foods using our signature Texture Timeline™ tool.


We're here to help make mealtime joyful instead of stressful, at every age and stage.

At My Little Eater, you’ll find easy-to-follow tips, how-to videos, strategies, and the latest research on feeding babies and toddlers. But most important, you get a team of pediatric dietitians, feeding experts, and fellow parents who support you no matter how you choose to feed your little one, whether you decide to ease into solids with purees, go straight to finger foods, or something in-between.

The Courses




A Baby Led Approach to Introducing Solids 

Learn how to safely and healthily start solids with your baby – whether starting with purees or finger foods! 

Recommended for parents of babies 6-11 months of age. 



Raising Happy, 
Healthy Little Eaters

What, when & how to feed toddlers, manage mealtime behaviour and avoid/manage picky eating. 

Recommended for parents of kids 11 months – 5 years of age.

Our Unique Approach

You don’t have to rush into finger foods.

Just follow The Texture Timeline.™

Created by pediatric dietitian and My Little Eater founder Edwena Kennedy, The Texture Timeline™ is a purée-first approach to BLW based on 10-plus years of research and working with thousands of parents and their babies. Our signature process guides you step-by-step through the 4 phases of starting solids and transitioning your baby from purees to more advanced textures and to finger foods.

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scared to transition to finger foods?

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Baby led weaning...but make it purees!

Get our proven, step-by-step plan for transitioning your baby from Purees to Finger Foods, texture by texture, so you can ease your fears about choking and gagging, all while helping your little eater develop their eating skills and an adventurous appetite.

Plus get The Texture Timeline™ Starter Guide for free when you stay until the end of the workshop. This tool breaks down the 4 phases, what kinds of foods to safely feed your baby during each phase, and when to progress to the next phase.

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How much food should my baby be eating?

Download this FREE guide to get learn exactly how much to serve your baby, portion sizes, and what healthy eating looks like!


7 Day Toddler Meal Plan

Get inspiration for your picky eater with this 7 day meal plan – get out the rut and feel good about serving balanced, fun meals!

Meet your feeding experts

No pressure. Just education, research, guidance and unconditional support to match the unconditional love you have for your little one.

Edwena Kennedy

Founder, Registered Dietitian

Founder, lead Registered Pediatric Dietitian, creator of The Texture Timeline™, + mom of two picky-turned-adventurous eaters. Read more about Edwena here.

Brianna Miluk

Brianna Miluk

Speech Language Pathologist & CLC

Speech language pathologist, certified lactation counselor specializing in swallowing and pediatric feeding disorders (PFDs) and lead SLP on the Texture Timeline™ food library.

Chelsey Landry, RD; Community Dietitian at My Little Eater Inc.

Chelsey Landry

Registered Dietitian

Community Dietitian, content creator, one-on-one counselling support, + mom of little bunny, Hickory.

My Little Eater Project Director Amy

Amy Morris

Project Director

Project Director & Community Manager, mom to three spunky girls, support line to all moms in the MLE family

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