You've got a life to live


memories to make with your little one.

(so let's get rid of the stress, shall we?)

The Courses


Make your life easier, your child healthier and your mealtimes happier with these self-paced, online video courses that you can watch during nap times, during nursing sessions, or heck…cuddled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and your comfiest pj’s. Now that’s multi-tasking.

let’s do this!



A Baby Led Approach to Introducing Solids 

Learn how to feed your baby during the whole first year of life and encourage self-feeding right from the start!

Recommended for parents of babies who haven’t started solids yet or who haven’t introduced finger foods yet.



Raising Happy, 
Healthy Little Eaters

What, when & how to feed toddlers, manage mealtime behaviour and avoid/manage picky eating. 

Recommended for parents of children who are already eating table food or who may still be struggling with the transition by 12 months+.

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 Purchase both the Baby Led Feeding course and the Feeding Toddlers course and save 15% off their individual prices!

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An introduction and walkthrough of the magical world of feeding in a completely baby led, intuitive way! This course is a must have on any baby registry!

Learn to confidently feed your toddler and manage picky eating! This course is a must have on any baby registry – toddlerhood comes faster than you think!

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