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SNACK guide

Grab the BEST snack guide you’ll ever find for toddlers to tackle snack times with ease!

My Little Eater

Sometimes the fact that you have to come up with 2-3 snacks each day just plain sucks.

(if not more when it comes to those little snack monsters)

I’m a dietitian mom of two boys and trust me when I say…I know the burden of always having to have snacks on hand a million times a day. I know what it’s like to feel like I’m never leaving the kitchen and am always “just one snack away” from finally getting some time to rest.

And we all know how easy it is for kids to become obsessed with those palatable, easy-to-consume packaged snacks

While these are amazing convenience foods, most of us have built a reliance on them. And our toddlers and preschoolers end up ONLY wanting those yummy snacks and skip over meals altogether. They whine, beg, point and tantrum for more goldfish, yogurt tubes, pouches, cheese strings…you name it! And I get it – these are easy-to-chew, carb loaded and come in fun packages. But over time? They’re continually exposed to these same foods which build up a preference for these generally sweeter tasting snacks. They eat them too frequently, they fill up on them and low and behold…mealtimes become that much less appealing in their eyes. And before you say “BUT THEY’RE HEALTHY!”, I’m here to tell you that even healthy snacks can be mealtime ruiners!



This guide helps take you back to the basics, gives you easy ideas to get you out of the snack rut, while also providing you with make ahead options for when you do feel like you have some more energy to plan.

It also ensures you’re giving your child exposure to more of the types of foods we want them to learn to love – and not just re-enforcing their goldfish obsession.

That being said – because mom life is insane – I’ve also included a ton of dietitian approved pre-packaged snacks that can still be used for times when you need something in a jiffy.

this snack guide

 is for you if…

this 50 page guide is divided into

     3 sections 

healthy snacks for toddlers


  • Pantry, fridge and freezer grocery list to always keep your kitchen stocked with easy to grab whole foods for snacks
  • 75+ no recipe snack combos to quickly reference anytime and get out of the snack rut!! 
  • How to space apart snack times based on how many snacks toddlers should have 
  • How big snacks should be (and if you should put a time limit on snack time)
  • Overcoming the snack obsession so meals and snacks are on more of a level playing field
  • Time management so healthy snacks are almost always possible
  • How to create snacks with staying power, that are balanced and full of nutrition
healthy store bought snacks kids


  • My favourite brands of packaged snacks that meet the mark nutrition wise. You can feel good about using these on the go or in times of need! Complete with images!
snack recipes for kids


  •  Over 30 recipes for those ambitious times when you’re able to cook, bake or prep snacks ahead of time and store in the fridge/freezer to access all week or month in a jiffy!

frequently asked questions

Yes! The guide is fully customizable to accommodate to any allergies/religious diets and the recipes all include modifications for how to make things dairy free, grain free, nut free, and egg free whenever possible. You won’t find a shortage of options!

Yes! You’ll find that 90% of the products are available in both countries, either in store or online, with only a handful that are available in only Canada or only the US.

Due to the fact that the snack guide is a digital product, and not something that can be returned, the product is non-refundable.

Get the ultimate
snack guide and
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