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Hey there!

I’m Edwena

I’m a pediatric dietitian and boy mom x 2, and I teach parents how to confidently feed their babies and toddlers so they can feel good about raising a healthy eater!

We all want to see our kids happy. Thriving. Reaching their potential!

And we want them to eat their dang vegetables along the way, am I right?.

But finding out exactly how to do that in a world where information overload is a thing, mom guilt floods your mind 24/7, and #Instagramlife has you second guessing half the moves you make (or don’t make)….well…that doesn’t make it easy, does it?

You see, I’ve experienced first hand the overwhelm, the worry, and confusion that sometimes comes with feeding kids. It was stressful and it kept me up at night. Just as I thought I finally got the hang of feeding my babies solids…toddlerhood hit, and the picky eating fairy decided to pay my boys a visit. Lucky me. My boys suddenly started refusing ALL food except for fries, pizza and chicken nuggets. I tried a million different recipes and tactics and argued with my husband over the best approach to take. Even as a dietitian, I started to think…

“am I doing this right?”

I just wanted to know that I was doing everything I could as a mom to help my baby have all the opportunities to be a great eater. I wanted to make sure my kids were eating enough, eating a variety, and ultimately, they’d be healthy. Was that too much to ask??

When I started looking for the answers, the info I’d find was contradicting, or it was super theoretical mumbo jumbo that didn’t translate to real life. 

“Introduce solids around 6 months” they’d say.


What foods?
Which method?
How much?
What if they gag?

“Keep exposing your toddler to new foods?” they’d say.


How many times? 
What counted as an exposure? 
What if they throw a tantrum?
Is there something wrong with my child if I’ve done this 50 times and they still won’t eat it??

I was frustrated because doctors, pamphlets, and online blogs didn’t really tell me how to do things…and definitely not in an easy, clear manner. I asked my doctor who told me one thing..I asked my pediatrician who told me another. And actually…most of the advice I got was “it’s just a phase” or “wait it out”. Which by the way…never eased my fears and left me thinking that I was crazy for wanting to know more answers.

I thought – if this can happen to me – a dietitian who literally helps people eat better as a living – then what about those who aren’t trained to know this stuff? What about the fact that moms realistically don’t have the time to research every question or situation (let alone shower and put real clothes on) #dryshampooforthewin

So, I decided I would delve into the research like no one before.

I dissected, tested, tweaked and perfected the strategies for real life, so that I could remove the guesswork for others and show how to do this stuff in a way that was clear and straightforward! I paired expert feeding strategies with some good ol’ mama intuition which allowed me to stand in my confidence as a parent. 

And slowly but surely…magic started to happen.

My kids are now super good eaters, love to try all sorts of new and exotic foods… 

… and I kid you not…mealtime is hands down our favourite, most enjoyable time in our home! 

We cook together, we explore new food all the time, we love dining out at fancy and ethnic restaurants…and most importantly, I feel like they truly got the foundation they needed to be lifelong healthy eaters.

I’ve since gained over 10 years experience in the world of pediatric nutrition and feeding, and have helped thousands of parents through my online courses. 

Now, I’m here to help bring you the same confidence and know-how, so you can replace stressful thoughts with fun and joyful feeding, and see that raising healthy eaters confidently is totally possible!


as you know, we live and breathe for our kids. 

We’ve got high goals for them and for ourselves because we love them more than anything in this world. Sometimes, our high expectations of “doing it all”  causes us to lose a bit of ourselves along the way and even prevents us from spending time with our family in the ways we really want to. 

Considering that feeding kids happens 5-6 times a day, I want to make at least that piece of parenting easier on you. I want to give you the peace of mind and confidence in what and how to feed so that they’re healthy and thriving.

With this accomplished, you can spend less time and energy worrying and wondering, and spend more time enjoying the fun side of parenting and getting back to what sparks you joy!

Want in on that promise?

let's do this!

The Courses




A Baby Led Approach to Introducing Solids 

Learn how to feed your baby during the whole first year of life and encourage self-feeding right from the start!

Recommended for parents of babies who haven’t started solids yet or who haven’t introduced finger foods yet.



Raising Happy, 
Healthy Little Eaters

What, when & how to feed toddlers, manage mealtime behaviour and avoid/manage picky eating. 

Recommended for parents of children who are already eating table food or who may still be struggling with the transition by 12 months+.


scared to transition to finger foods?

Join the FREE workshop

Baby led weaning...but make it purees!

Get our proven, step-by-step plan for transitioning your baby from Purees to Finger Foods, texture by texture, so you can ease your fears about choking and gagging, all while helping your little eater develop their eating skills and an adventurous appetite.

Plus get The Texture Timeline™ Starter Guide for free when you stay until the end of the workshop. This tool breaks down the 4 phases, what kinds of foods to safely feed your baby during each phase, and when to progress to the next phase.

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