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The most comprehensive, step-by-step video course on the market for feeding your baby from 6-12 months of age that will have you experiencing the joy of starting solids and will set the foundation for life-long healthy eating!

Feeling like you have no idea where to start with solids? 

Want to make sure your baby is set up with the best start to healthy eating?

I know the thought of it all can be way too overwhelming. Honestly, you’ve probably heard a million different opinions (MIL and Dr. included), you’re scared of doing the wrong thing and gagging freaks you out!

Or maybe you’ve started dabbling with some purees and finger foods, but don’t know where to go after banana, avocado and sweet potato?

The thing is…this whole feeding this is really important to you because it sets up the foundation for your baby’s health and relationship with food for years to come. 

And you want to get this right…but it’s so darn confusing and even scary venturing into uncharted territory.

Don’t worry…I’m here to walk you through step-by-step!

From the latest pediatric feeding research and up-to-date guidelines on solid food introduction, to the mama-approved tricks and tips that make your life a whole lot easier – I’ve got you covered!

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baby led feeding online course

What is Baby Led Feeding?

(Think of it as the best of both worlds between purees and baby-led weaning!)

Baby Led Feeding is my signature method of starting solids that takes the heart of the latest feeding research and removes all the mom guilt. 

It involves responsively feeding based on your baby’s cues, skills and sense of independence, all while gently nudging them to continually advance in textures.

Whether you start with purees or finger foods doesn’t matter. You start where your baby is ready and interested, and you focus on swiftly progressing them from there. 


Forget the all-or-nothing approaches. 

Want to start with Baby Led Weaning? Great! I’ll walk you through that. 

Want to ease in with purees first? Also great! I’ll walk you through that.

Want to mix approaches? Guess what? Yah, you got it.

This is about building your confidence and doing what your individual baby needs.

I’ve developed what I call “The Texture Timeline”, an exclusive tool to MLE, that will help you make sure your baby is advancing in textures and skills in a timely manner to avoid picky eating and love all foods!

Because let’s be real…by around 9-10 months of age, the way babies are fed should actually look the same, no matter which method you start with (Gasp! Did you know that??). Then babies will continue to hone in on their skills so that by 1 year, you’ll have a happy self-feeding and adventurous eater!

guess what that means for 


and for



Has Never Been Easier!

With this online video based course, you can get bite-sized, easily digestible lessons from absolutely anywhere you can access your phone or computer!

baby led feeding online course

3 Hours of Material with Videos You Can Watch Anywhere

Grab a cup of coffee (or wine!), sit back, and relax as you watch your way through the baby led feeding process. Watch on any device and access it easily via our free mobile app if you like! Want to know what feeding looks like for a baby at 6 months, 8 months, and 12 months? I’ve got it! Want a demo of how to cut and prepare various foods? I’ve got it! Want to see what a gagging baby looks like? You guessed…I’ve got it!

baby led feeding online course

Resources, Recipes, Guides and More!


You don’t have to have everything you learned in the course etched into your memory. We’ve got you covered for those moments when you just need a quick reference to content, checklists to make sure you’re not missing anything, guides to keep you on track through the months, and even some recipes for inspiration in the kitchen. 

Lifetime Access to the Course and free support group!


Your opportunity to learn doesn’t end once you’ve got through the course. You get lifetime access which means the continual updates and add-ons we’re always working on to keep it the most comprehensive and cutting edge course on the market….is something you’ll have access to always! You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with an amazing group of parents going through the same process you are, PLUS, access to Edwena (like having your own personal in-home dietitian!) for ongoing education and helpful tips. Ask questions, share successes/struggles, and get in with an awesome tribe of little eaters! 

Don’t let stress and overwhelm get the best of this exciting time!

From introducing the very first finger foods, to learning how to incorporate diverse flavours and textures safely, you’ll know exactly what, when and how to do it to ensure a stress-free, fun eating experience that will give your baby a lifetime of healthy eating habits!

what you’ll learn

Here we go! 6 video-based modules that take you step-by-step through evidence-based recommendations and ideas for every stage of starting solids, from 6-12 months, leaving you feeling excited to begin the feeding fun!

Let’s make you feel confident

about raising a healthy eater!

My Little Eater

Hey there!

I’m Edwena

Mama, a pediatric dietitian and lover of all things related to baby and toddler feeding! 

My boys are now adventurous eaters who love to try new cuisines, sit in fine dining restaurants with us and bonus…love to cook at home! 

But things weren’t always that way. I’ve seen (and experienced) first hand the overwhelm, the worry and the confusion that sometimes comes with feeding kids, and now I’m here to help transform those feelings into complete confidence and excitement using expert feeding strategies, evidence based nutrition advice and mom to mom connection…so you can enjoy raising a healthy eater too!

With all the overwhelming and conflicting info…it almost robbed me of the fun and joy of starting solids. After all, this time only comes around once and I was not about to miss out on the happy, silly moments with my baby around food because of a little lack of confidence.

So, I decided I would delve into the research like no one before. I dissected, tested, tweaked and perfected the strategies for real life, so that I could remove the guesswork for others and show how to do this stuff in a way that was clear and straightforward! I’ve since gained over 11 years experience in the world of pediatric nutrition and feeding, and have helped thousands of parents through my online course! 

Now, I’m here to help bring you the same confidence and know-how, so you can replace stressful thoughts with fun and joyful feeding. Because let me tell you…feeding can and should be fun!  In fact, it’s one of the most memorable and happy times you’ll have in this last year before Having a baby that eats the same food as you, no fuss, and totally independently is totally possible! 

frequently asked questions

Ideally you would start this course somewhere between your baby turning 4-5 months of age, as most babies are ready to start solids somewhere around 6 months old. However, if your baby is 7, 8, 9, 10 or even 12 months old and hasn’t begun on a wide variety of finger foods and you’re not sure how to serve them safely, this course is exactly what you need. If your child is 10+ months old and you’re comfortable with serving all types of finger foods, but they aren’t eating well and/or are picky, you’ll want to enroll in my Feeding Toddlers online course.

About 3 1/2 hours total! The best part is all the lessons are broken down into 15 min chunks or less – perfect for a quick learning sesh in between naps, while they play or after baby has gone down for the night! Pick up where you left off and re-watch lessons as many times as you want!

I’m a registered pediatric dietitian and feeding expert who has been practicing in the field for over 11 years. I graduated from a 4 year science degree at Dalhousie University with a major in Neuroscience, and then went on to complete 5 years of Applied Nutrition and Dietetics including a one year internship from Mount Saint Vincent University. 

I’ve counselled hundreds of families in person and thousands of families virtually  and have taught baby led feeding as live 3 hour workshops for over a year before deciding to convert it to an online course.  Not to mention…I’m a mom of two and I’ve gone through this all myself. So I get what you’re feeling and what you need mama 🙂

I’ve consulted and partnered with various other feeding experts who are featured in the course or who have helped create the material to ensure the course covers feeding solids from ALL angles of development. Speech language pathologists, Occupational Therapists, certified CPR instructors, pediatric allergists as well as psychologists. To say this course is the ultimate source of expert information all in one place is an understatement. It truly is a reflection of all the latest evidence based practices and leaves no stone unturned. 

A lifetime!! Watch and rewatch and use for your second or third child.

Also know that I’ve taken every major question and piece of feedback from thousands of parents over the years for how they like to learn, and continually add into the course to keep it the best on the market!  And as part of my official MLE fam, you ALWAYS get access to the updates forever 🙂

This entire course is offered for the price of less than ONE private session with a dietitian. The amount of info and the level of care put into this course equates over $1000 worth of counselling and resources. Because my goal is to get this into the hands of as many parents who need my help as possible, I’m making this as affordable as I can for everyone.


Because I’m a mom too and want you to walk away feeling satisfied with the content in this course, I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you truly feel the course was incomplete based on the information I’ve provided on this website page and show examples of how. All you need to do is let me know within 14 days of purchasing and complete the following steps:

-Review and complete (by marking “complete” in the Kajabi platform) each of the 38 lessons in the course.

– Tell us what information you expected inside the online course Baby Led Feeding – a baby led approach to introducing solids, that was not provided to you inside the course. What did you see advertised and expect that you did not get once you were inside the program?

Your feedback and honesty is always appreciated!

For the full refund policy, please see our terms and conditions page.

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