Edwena Kennedy, RD | My Little Eater Owner

Meet Edwena!

Owner and lead Dietitian at MLE – and most importantly – mama to two boys who set her off on the journey of helping parents feed kids when they started their own picky eating phase. Thankfully, due to over 11 years experience in the field of pediatric nutrition – her boys are now super adventurous eaters after implementing all the strategies she’s picked up along the way.

Read more about her feeding journey here.

She’s holds two post-secondary degrees – the first in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, and the other in Applied Human Nutrition from Mount Saint Vincent University. She’s a life-long learner, passionate about dissecting the research and turning it into real-life recommendations that make it easy for parents to understand and implement. Her mission is to give parents the ultimate confidence feeding their kids in a healthiest way possible. She developed the Texture Timeline™ as a tool for parents to ease into solids and expand the variety of textures offered to babies during their sensitive period of taste and texture acceptance.

Fun facts about Edwena:

  • It surprises people to knowShe’s obsessed with interior design and spends all her free time designing rooms, listening to podcasts and studying the work of top interior designers.
  • Biggest fear: Spiders and other creepy crawlers.
My Little Eater Project Director Amy

Meet Amy!

Amy is the Marketing Manager at My Little Eater™, and is Mama to 3 little girls – they’re 6, 5, and 2!

Amy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science and a post-graduate diploma in Victimology. Due to her husband’s career in the Canadian Armed Forces, she chose to pivot into the world of working from home as a virtual assistant and has been with MLE ever since. 

She runs all the behind the scenes here at MLE – customer service inquiries, tech related issues, collaboration requests, or any other email that comes through – so chances are if you send us an email you’ll get to chat with her! She helps MLE stay organized, and works across all areas of the business…but if you’re in our exclusive clients-only support group, you’ll know her from there too! She provides support, feedback, and shares her experiences of feeding 3 little eaters to all of the wonderful parents in the group. Because she knows all MLE material inside-out, she is your go-to for quick and supportive answers!

Fun fact about Amy:

  • It surprises people to knowShe is NOT the cook in the family – when her husband is deployed, cooking meals for her kids is her biggest stressor.
  • Go-to drink: Coffee, it’s a must-have for her! 
  • Biggest fear: Heights…you will not find her on a rollercoaster, guaranteed.
Mallory Roberts Speech Language Pathologist

Meet Mallory!

Mallory Roberts is a Speech Pathologist who is trained in craniosacral therapy, myo-functional therapy, and infant massage. She has special interests in infant reflux, infant oral development and bottle feeding. Through her professional work, and with the lack of support during her own babies’ feeding journeys, she created, The Feeding Mom. It is here that she empowers parents through their feeding journeys locally and around the world. Her philosophy is: every parent deserves to love feeding their baby.  

Chelsey Landry

Meet Chelsey! 

She’s a Registered Dietitian  with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition from Mount Saint Vincent University.

Chelsey is always busy writing blogs for MLE, testing baby & toddler recipes and supporting course graduates in our clients-only support group.  

Chelsey loves kids! Her passions are to work with babies and toddlers, and she believes that creating a life long, healthy relationship with food starts from day one. Her core values include providing evidence based information, and focusing and listening to the individual client to optimize nutrition care. 

You can book one-on-one Q&A sessions with Chelsey anytime you need a little personalized guidance feeding your little one! 

You may or may not have seen lots of pics of her bunny Hickory on our Instagram page, eating solids like a champ and getting up to the silliest antics.

Fun Facts about Chelsey:

It surprises people to know: Her and her boyfriend build a lot of their own furniture and decor! He’s a carpenter and she has a passion for creating and interior design. Last summer they started their first big project, and started the process of renovating a cottage in Cape Breton!   

Biggest fear: Drowning. She’s not a great swimmer and though she likes to swim and do other water activities, she always has a life jacket on hand. 

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