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A comprehensive meal plan walking you through the first 60 days of starting solids with meal the whole family can enjoy!

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Figuring out what to feed baby is hard work!

(as if the whole process of starting solids isn’t hard enough)

Between figuring out what’s safe for them to eat, what foods to introduce in what order, keeping up with variety and trying to balance meals so they’re nutritionally complete for baby…it’s like another full time job!

Plus…the whole idea is that you want them to eat what you eat…and that means finding recipes that the whole family can enjoy.


So let’s take the guesswork out of what to feed your baby…shall we?

Instead of spending all that time trying. to rejig your weekly plan to and track what allergens you’ve introduced, and spending time finding the perfect recipe that accounts for one allergen but not others yet to be introduced, I want to give you your time back with your baby so you can just look forward to meals instead of spending time figuring out which ones to make.

this meal plan is

for you if…


meals to get you out of that rut!

Over 60+ recipes that ensure you are expanding your baby’s palate to prime them to become adventurous eaters…without overcomplicating things!

Move past the sweet potato, banana and avocado on repeat…

…and let’s make sure we avoid picky eating by priming your baby’s taste buds with variety, plus prevent nutritional issues by targeting key nutrients and foods to introduce early.

Baby Recipes starting solids

A mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes with focus on exposure to new foods & flavours!

Because babies start with just 1 meal/day, while others quickly move onto 2 meals/day, I’m not here to tell you which of those meals your baby should be eating (breakfast, lunch or supper). That’s why I’ve included a variety of recipes that can be used for any meal of the day (and why I encourage you to let go of the idea of certain foods only being presented at certain meals!)

I also really made sure to include a variety of spices and flavours, plus made sure there was very little repetition in foods presented to keep your baby’s taste buds primed and exposure to new foods maximized, to really take advantage of the “window of opportunity” for babies to learn to love all types of food!

Edamame on toast for baby

Perfectly balanced meals that contain iron, high calorie foods, produce and more!


Solid foods need to provide very specific and important nutrients to support baby’s brain growth, iron needs and weight gain. It’s hard enough figuring out what’s safe to offer and what’s not, plus making sure you get a meal on the table every night. This meal takes all the work out of planning balanced meals specific to your baby’s needs!

It takes into account how to maximize iron absorption in every meal, omega 3 fatty acids for brain growth, starchy foods and foods high in healthy fats,  as well as having varied produce at every meal for exposure. 

That’s a lot of thought work….that you don’t have to do anymore cause it’s done for you!

Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan Recipes

Timely introduction of allergenic foods in a strategic manner!

This isn’t just a compilation of a bunch of recipes in one place. It gives you an actual plan for introducing allergenic foods in a strategic, safe and evidence based manner. 

Research clearly shows the benefits of introducing allergenic foods early on and often in the starting solids journey to decrease food allergy risk. The introduction of one allergen should be done in isolation from other allergens and done two days in a row to ensure no symptoms arise. 

Finding the perfect recipes that include only one new allergen at a time, that are balanced, and that the whole family will love is a burden that many parents are overwhelmed with. Well – not anymore! Enjoy this no brainer process that walks you through what to introduce when!

Let’s make you feel confident

about what to feed your baby!

My Little Eater

Hey there!

I’m Edwena

Mama, a pediatric dietitian and lover of all things related to baby and toddler feeding! 

My boys are now adventurous eaters who love to try new cuisines, sit in fine dining restaurants with us and bonus…love to cook at home! 

But things weren’t always that way. I’ve seen (and experienced) first hand the overwhelm, the worry and the confusion that sometimes comes with feeding kids, and now I’m here to help transform those feelings into complete confidence and excitement using expert feeding strategies, evidence based nutrition advice and mom to mom connection…so you can enjoy raising a healthy eater too!

frequently asked questions

The meal is a mix of sheet pan meals, stove top meals and more, however a lot of the recipes do require the use of a food processor, slow cooker and blender. It’s highly recommended to have these to get good use out of the meal plan.

You don’t have to – no! Every meal is safe to offer to your baby from day 1 and you can pick and choose based on what you feel like. BUT the beauty of the meal plan lies in the fact that certain allergens (and recipes) are presented on certain days, so that you follow the protocol for introducing allergens two days in a row, and so that you don’t mistakenly choose a recipe that contains an allergenic food that you haven’t introduced strategically yet.

The meal plan is not based on a vegetarian or vegan diet – however there are many vegetarian and vegan recipes included that you can choose from. I also make suggestions for substitutions as it makes sense for each recipe if it can be easily be made meat free or dairy free.

No! This meal plan is totally fine to use as a stand alone product! I have very basic instructions on how to serve the meals to your baby vs. you as an adult – however you really should be familiar with choking hazards, how to safely serve all food, how to deal with gagging and choking, how to set up the mealtime environment in a positive and responsive way etc. – all things I do teach inside my course and that will complete the picture for you!

Although the recipes and meals are all presented in their whole food form – as finger foods or table foods that your baby can self feed on – I encourage you to blend up any or all of them as needed based on what level of feeding your baby is on! In the meal plan, I explain a bit about my Texture Timeline – a signature tool I teach about inside of my Baby Led Feeding course – that shows you what textures to start on if you’re new to solids or are afraid of advanced textures, and how to progress your baby through the Texture Timeline so they’ve eating all the same foods as you in a timely manner to prevent pickiness and gain good eating skills!

Due to the fact that this meal plan is a digital product, and not something that can be returned, the product is non-refundable.

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