Our Mission

Our primary mission at My Little Eater is to empower parents with confidence to raise healthy little eaters. 

Our Values

We help parents do the best they can with what they have

To the parents we serve, we are fully empathetic. We meet families where they are, as they are – with no judgment or shame. In fact, we hate mom-guilt and would love to just leave that term in the dust! No mom should be made to feel guilty for their decisions – we’re all just out here doing our best for our kids, and we totally get that. Instead, our job is to help every parent strive to do the best they can to raise a healthy eater with the resources they have at the time – be it physical, mental, spiritual or educational resources.

We’re committed to the highest standard research

We take our responsibility of teaching parents very seriously, and only provide the most up to date, quality information. We challenge age-old guidelines, dig deep with all recommendations we make, get curious about all angles on a topic, and simplify the theoretical into practical “how-to’s” that make feeding an easy, step-by-step process. We also value taking responsibility for our actions, learning from mistakes, and admitting when we have more research to do – and then we get right to it! 

We believe in joy at the dinner table

We value finding joy in the seemingly endless tasks that make up parenthood. The dinner table in particular is a place that we strongly believe is for moments of bonding and connection, fun and care-free interactions and valuable parenting moments. It should be anything but stressful and overwhelming and what we want more than anything is to bring that joy back to mealtimes for every family we work with. It can be fun, it can be silly and it can be the place where the best family memories are made! This doesn’t mean there’s never a meltdown and it’s “perfect” eating – but it does mean knowing how to navigate it in a stress free way so you can still find joy in the meal as a whole. Promise! 

We believe your confidence is our confidence 

We truly believe that confidence as a parent is the key to navigating this ever-changing, confusing world of parenting and nutrition. With the constant bombardment of information in this new age of social media, we acknowledge that parents are constantly comparing themselves to other parents, and comparing their kids to other kids. They’re always striving to do the best for their kids – and yet – what’s best seems to change daily. The confusion is something that we strive to eliminate at My Little Eater. We aim to give parents a deep and everlasting confidence in themselves and the way they feed their kids. We’re here to give you the confidence in your feeding knowledge, feeding decisions, boundary setting, trusting in the big picture and being convinced that your decisions are best for your child and no one else’s.


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