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Confidence Feeding Solids…
Here You Come!🎉

You should have an email arriving to your inbox soon with all the details. It will be titled “Yesss, Your spot is reserved.”

Now watch this video for an important message!

TWO Things To Do Real Quick:


Add this to your calendar!

With this workshop you can have a perfectly laid out step-by-step plan for progressing in textures without fear. But it won’t happen if it’s not on the calendar – so pull out your phone and add it now.

And IF possible, ask your partner, sitter, BFF, or parent to watch your little one during this timeframe, so you can really absorb all the info.


Don’t forget your bonus!

You’ll be able to download the 180 First foods & texture guide towards the end of our workshop. So be there to get it and start a custom plan to broaden food textures for your baby!

Watch With A Friend!

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It will be like a playdate….

But with confidence and a road-map for how to feed your baby purees AND finger foods at the end of it (instead of screaming babies and spilled milk)

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