# 60: What My Hubby Thinks of My Feeding Approach, His Role In Feeding, and How To Let Go as a Mom

Episode art for episode: “#60: What My Hubby Thinks of My Feeding Approach, His Role In Feeding, and How To Let Go as a Mom”. Pictured is Edwena Kennedy, her husband, Jimmy, and their two children.

This special Father’s Day episode is one that you’re gonna love! I’m honoring the Father’s role in feeding – whatever that may look like – by getting all the details and tips from my own husband, Jimmy Kennedy! Now, usually there’s one parent that’s more invested in the feeding role than the other. However, there is no hard and fast rule around this. Often I see Moms are much more involved in feeding their kids, especially if they’re the ones around them more. It all starts with the first year of life, where Mom may be breastfeeding, or they’re on maternity leave with the baby. They’re the first one starting solids with their baby, or they may be present for more of their meals. But there are more and more families who are making this a joint role, which is amazing to see! 

Nowadays, there are many Dads joining the journey of feeding, in fact, we’re seeing an increase in Dads sending us messages asking about our philosophies and teachings. They’ve done the research about feeding and are struggling because their wives want to take a different approach. It can be so challenging trying to find balance between two different approaches. My husband and I touched on this topic briefly today, but I’ll dive in deeper in a podcast that’s coming soon. So please stay tuned! For today though, we’ll share our different approaches to feeding, some tips that helped our kids become independent, adventurous eaters, and some advice for all the new Dads out there. 

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Meet my husband, Jimmy (4:14)

Tips to raise independent, adventurous eaters (8:30)

My feeding approach vs. Jimmy’s feeding approach (13:14)

Advice to find balance between two different feeding approaches (16:35)

Advice for new Dads that want to be more involved (18:12)


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Registered pediatric dietitian, mom of two and lover of all things related to baby and toddler feeding!


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