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A step-by-step meal plan walking you through the first 60 days of starting solids with purees or finger foods. Proudly developed by pediatric dietitians.

Baby eating yogurt and strawberries in their high chair.

Figuring out what to feed baby is hard work!

(as if the whole process of starting solids isn’t hard enough)

Between figuring out what’s safe for them to eat, what foods to introduce (& in what order), keeping up with variety and trying to balance meals so they’re nutritionally complete for baby…it’s like another full time job!

So let’s take the guesswork out of what to feed your baby…shall we?

Instead of spending all your time rejigging your weekly plan to include baby safe items, and searching the perfect recipe that accounts for only one allergen at a time, I want to give you your time back with your baby so you can just look forward to happy meals (instead of spending time figuring out which ones to make!)


this meal plan is

for you if…


meals to get you out of that rut!

9 weeks of recipes that ensure you are expanding your baby’s palate to prime them to become adventurous eaters…without overcomplicating things!

Move past the sweet potato, banana and avocado on repeat…

…and let’s make sure we avoid picky eating by priming your baby’s taste buds with variety, plus prevent nutritional issues by targeting key nutrients and foods to introduce early.

Perfectly balanced meals created by dietitians, with strategic allergen & texture progression

Every recipe is labelled for it’s texture phase and nutritional strength, focusing on balancing meals with a high iron source, high calorie (fat/starch) and produce. You’ll also get additional tips to boost nutrition (+ storage tips, allergen introduction information, and how to serve the food whether puree feeding or wanting to offer finger foods).

Weekly grocery lists, skill development expectations and more!

Every week is marked by a “Week at a glance” preview of what meals are to come, what skills to expect and what strategies to focus on for the week. You’ll also get your weekly grocery lists and a running tally of how many foods will be introduced that week, along with which allergens they will be exposed to (or are repeating exposure to). 

115 First Foods List to track foods types and # of exposures!

Since we’re focused on variety of food flavors, textures and types, you get to introduce over 115 new foods within 9 weeks – with no extra thought required from you! Use the critical period of 6-9 months to expand your baby’s palate and prevent picky eating. Best part? We’ve got a 115 first foods checklist to cross off foods as you go, track exposure numbers & see what you have left to introduce. Hang it on your fridge and check away!

Let’s make you feel confident

about what to feed your baby!

60 Day Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan

PDF download
$ 35 for a limited time only
  • 9 weeks of recipes (63 recipes total)
  • Weekly grocery lists, meal planning, feeding & nutrition tips
  • 115 First Foods Checklist

60 Day Meal Plan + Baby Led Feeding Course

PDF download + virtual course
$ 119 for a limited time only
  • Everything included in the Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan
  • Step-by-step, expert led video course outlining how to feed your baby like an expert from 6-12 months
  • 27 printable resources including checklists, schedules, trackers, cheatsheets and more!
  • Full access to the Texture Timeline Food Library - search a food and see exactly how to serve it based on easier ---> more advanced texture phases
  • Client support group managed by pediatric dietitians to ask questions and connect with other parents
  • Lifetime access (use for your second or third child!)
  • Free app to access content anywhere, anytime
  • (Regular price of the Baby Led Feeding Video Course alone is $99)
Best value

frequently asked questions

The meal plan is a mix of sheet pan meals, stove top meals, no-cook meals and slow cooker meals. A few recipes require the use of a blender/food processor. 

You don’t have to – no! Every meal is safe to offer to your baby from day 1 and you can pick and choose based on what you feel like. BUT the beauty of the meal plan lies in the fact that certain allergens (and recipes) are presented on certain days, so that you follow the protocol for introducing allergens two days in a row, and so that you don’t mistakenly choose a recipe that contains an allergenic food that you haven’t introduced strategically yet.

The meal plan is not based on a vegetarian or vegan diet – however there are many vegetarian and vegan recipes included that you can choose from. We do make suggestions for substitutions as to how you can make it meat or dairy free!

Nope! This meal plan is totally fine to use as a stand alone product! We have detailed instructions on how to serve the meals to your baby vs. you as an adult. However, you really should be familiar with choking hazards, how to deal with gagging and choking, how to set up the mealtime environment in a positive and responsive way etc. – all things I do teach inside my course and that will complete the picture for you! If you do have the course, you can access clickable links from the meal plan that take you directly to videos from our Texture Timeline Food Library found inside the course. This will allow you to see (on video) how to serve various foods according to different texture phases!

Absolutley not! The beginning of the meal plan starts with mashed/pureed options (alongside a finger food version)…and as the weeks go on, texture of finger foods or purees get progressively more advanced, but you’ll always have a “puree” or spoon fed option as well as a finger food option.  

Due to the fact that this meal plan is a digital download, and not something that can be returned, the product is non-refundable.

Edwena Kennedy

Hey there!

I’m Edwena

Mama, pediatric dietitian and lover of all things related to baby and toddler feeding! 

My boys are now adventurous eaters who love to try new cuisines, sit in fine dining restaurants with us and bonus…love to cook at home! 

But things weren’t always that way. I’ve seen (and experienced) first hand the overwhelm, the worry and the confusion that sometimes comes with feeding kids, and now I’m here to help transform those feelings into complete confidence and excitement using expert feeding strategies, evidence based nutrition advice and mom to mom connection…so you can enjoy raising a healthy eater too!

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