In this episode, I am diving headfirst into one of the most important podcast topics that I will ever cover! That’s right, this one is a game changer. So, find yourself some space, put in those headphones, and really listen in – you can thank me later!

I am talking all about the Division of Responsibility and how this forms the foundation to all things related to feeding our kids. This principle will help prevent and manage picky eating habits – it’s that good! I am talking about what it is, why it matters, and how to accomplish it. If you find yourself stressed out by mealtimes, entering battle after battle with your child at the table, constantly providing meals catered to your child’s unique specifications, or serving snacks all day, everyday – this one’s for you!

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If you love this theory, but are looking for more help with how to implement it with your own children, check out my Feeding Toddlers online course. It is based on this principle, and will give you all of the tools necessary to succeed and approach mealtimes with confidence and fun! (

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