Lunch Packing

How a simple mindset shift can remove the stress from lunch packing

lunch packing stress school

For most parents….packing lunches can suck. In fact, the thought of it just makes them cringe. And the worst is when they have picky eaters on top of it. Oh boy.  Here’s my confession though. I sort of…actually…I DO love packing school lunches. I love thinking of new ideas and making it pretty. I don’t (always) […]

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The Ultimate Lunch Packing Guide

school packed lunch

It’s almost back to school time and I’m going to give you my ultimate guide for packing lunches – from how to pack a nutritious lunch to get them out of that food rut, what lunch packing gear I recommend, and even my favourite lunch combinations and list of ideas!  Ready? Let’s go! Packing a […]

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