Toddler Feeding

Hydration Tips for Toddlers

Now that summer is approaching pretty quickly, there’s no better time to learn all about hydration for your toddler.  As a parent, you know the importance of making sure your toddler has enough fluids, but sometimes it isn’t always this simple. You may always find yourself reminding them to grab a drink, which results in […]

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Mealtime Conversations: Part Two

Last week, I talked about the importance of shifting mealtime conversations away from food and onto topics that are bonding, enjoyable, and create happy environments and conversations. This is one of the major things to think about when figuring out what changes you can make at mealtimes to improve picky eating. Talking to your toddler […]

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Bonus: The “Three E’s” of Food Play with Melanie Potock

food play picky eating

In this special bonus episode of The My Little Eater Podcast, I am interviewing fellow feeding expert, Melanie Potock. She is a Speech Language Pathologist, author of the amazing book “Adventures in Veggieland” – you guys this is fantastic, I cannot speak to this book enough, go check it out – and she is here […]

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#10: Simple Tips to Eliminate Food Throwing – For Good!

In this episode, I’m tackling one of the biggest pet peeves of moms everywhere, and a typical toddler mealtime behaviour – food throwing. I don’t know what could be more frustrating than cooking a nice meal just to have your baby or toddler toss their entire serving on the floor. The family dog might love […]

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Troubleshooting common feeding issues: Mouth stuffing, huge bites, and more!

Catherine Callahan troubleshooting mealtimes with baby

Today we’re covering all those “what do I do when…” questions that come up for so many babies and toddlers who are learning to eat solids. When babies or toddlers aren’t proficient in chewing certain textures yet…they can pocket food in their mouths. What to do?? When they’re unsure of what to do with solids […]

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