#18: What is Baby Led Feeding?

what is baby led feeding

In this episode, I’m breaking down the difference between Baby Led Weaning and Baby Led Feeding. Didn’t know there was a difference? Exactly my point! These terms, and so many others, are used so interchangeably that most people don’t even realize that they describe different methods for introducing solid foods to an infant. 

Now, I am not getting into the pros and cons of all methods, but I will be sharing why I teach Baby Led Feeding, as opposed to a strict Baby Led Weaning approach. Hopefully, you’ll come away with an understanding of why I advocate for this method. And, realize that it actually allows you to custom make a feeding approach that you are comfortable with, but that also follows your baby’s cues and acknowledges their skill levels. Above all else, you need to choose a method that fits your family, which Baby Led Feeding allows. Feeding is not a one size fits all scenario – what is with parenting anyways? 

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