• easy snack ideas for toddlers

    Ultimate Snack Guide for Babies & Toddlers

    Honestly, sometimes the fact that you have to come up with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks each day just plain sucks.

    But not anymore!

    Grab the BEST snack guide you’ll ever find for toddlers and be ready to tackle snack times with ease!

    The guide is divided into three sections…

    Section 1: Snacking basics and ideas

    • How to space apart snack times based on how many snacks toddlers should have (and talk about the role of snacks for babies and if/when to introduce them too!)
    • How big snacks should be (and if you should put a time limit on snacks)
    • More tips for levelling the playing field between meals and snacks
    • How to manage your time so healthy snacks are almost always possible
    • How to create snacks with staying power and that are full of nutrition

    ….And mix and match whole food snacks, plus 75+ no recipe healthy snack ideas!

    • Pantry, fridge, and freezer staples to have on hand to make sure you can quickly whip up a snack
    • 75+ no recipe snack combos to quickly reference that get your toddler the nutrients they need while balancing their blood sugars so they stay full

    Section 2: Dietitian approved packaged toddler friendly snacks – for when you just can’t!

    • My favourite brands for packaged toddler friendly snacks that meet the mark nutrition wise, because these still have a place in your menus (complete with images)

    Section 3: Make ahead snacks – easy recipes to get started meal prepping!

    • Over 30 recipes for the ambitious times when you’re able to cook, bake or meal prep snacks ahead of time and store – then easily access them all week or month!
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