• Baby's first 115 plus first foods checklist created by pediatric dietitians, complete with balanced meals guide and 5 color options to choose from. Instant PDF download, letter size for easy printing at home.

    Baby’s First 115+ Foods Checklist

    This instant printable PDF download created by a team of dietitians and feeding experts is the best way to track your baby’s progress once they’ve started solids. Whether you’re doing purees or baby led weaning, you can use this food tracker to ensure your baby is getting enough variety!

    This first foods checklist is complete with over 115 foods.

    But how do you serve these first 115+ foods to baby?

    Our 60 day baby led feeding meal plan corresponds with the first 115+ foods checklist, which you get for FREE with the purchase of our meal plan. The 60 day baby led feeding meal plan can be purchased here!

    You will receive the following for $4.99 USD:
    Baby’s First 115+ Foods Checklist
    PDF Size: US Letter, A4, A5
    IMPORTANT: This is ONLY a digital product. You will not receive a physical product.
    Once downloaded, you can print as many times as you wish.

    Want more guidance on feeding your baby solids?

    Our baby led feeding online course offers step-by-step video lessons showing you how to safely and healthily start solids with your baby – whether starting with purees or finger foods! Recommended for parents of babies 6-11 months of age.

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  • baby led feeding resource booklet for starting solids - My Little Eater

    Starting Solids Printed Guide | 60 Day Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan | First 115+ Foods Checklist | Created by Pediatric Dietitians

    My Little Eater’s 196-page resource booklet for starting solids created by a team of pediatric dietitians and feeding experts!

    The resource booklet is complete with:
    – Our full 60 Day Baby Led Feeding Meal Plan
    – First 115+ Foods Checklist
    – Readiness signs checklist
    – Recommended feeding supplies
    – The Texture Timeline Guide
    – Gagging choking cheat sheet
    – Introducing allergens cheat sheet
    – How to make pureed food
    – How to modify family meals
    – How to serve all food groups
    – Meal milk schedules 6-12 months
    – Pincer grasp foods
    – And more!

    The purpose of this guidebook is to eliminate any uncertainty as to what to how to feed your baby – especially in those early days of starting solids. It’s a new learning process for both of you, and we want to take as much thought and work out of it as possible. The goal? To enjoy mealtimes together, foster a love for eating, and build a foundation for accepting a wide variety of foods.

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