Baby Led Feeding Travel Food Ideas

baby led weaning travel food

It’s summer time and guess what… no one wants to have to stay inside when it’s beautiful and sunny out! That being said, when you have a BLW baby, sometimes the hassle of figuring out what to feed them while travelling or on the go seems like it’s more work than it’s worth. But it […]

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Feeding Schedules (6-12 months)

feeding schedule baby

Hands down the most common questions I receive around feeding baby is WHEN to feed them…how OFTEN to feed them… and how to solid food fits in with milk feedings. Seriously… every week on Instagram these questions keep coming up and I think it’s so confusing for parents because typically answers to these are so […]

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Open Cup Drinking 101

Did you know that the first type of cup that should be introduced to baby is an open cup? Not a sippy cup. Seems counterintuitive right? Let’s learn about the reasons why. When your baby begins solid food, they will begin to need just a little extra water (1-2 oz./day at 6 months) in their […]

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My baby barely eats…is this normal?

It’s so common (seriously…so…so…common) to hear concerns voiced from parents who are doing baby led weaning about how little their baby seems to be eating. It freaks us out, especially when we have nurses or doctors telling us that they should be eating x amount of meals per day (each meal containing x amount of […]

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