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3 Reasons to Start Your Baby on Textured Finger Foods ASAP

Main image for the article “3 Reasons to start your baby on textured finger foods ASAP.” Pictured is a mom sitting with her baby at the table. The baby is sitting in a highchair, and eating pieces of cucumbers.

If you’re not doing baby led weaning and starting finger foods right from the beginning, it can be hard to figure out exactly when the best time to start finger foods is. You have to think about when to advance in textures, and also know what are considered to be the best first finger foods. […]

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#42: Why it’s Important to Serve Your Baby Different Textures

Episode art for episode: "#42: Why it's important to serve your baby different textures." Pictured is a baby being spoon-fed pasta.

In this episode, I’m speaking directly to the parents out there who’d like to start solids by offering purees, but then don’t really know when finger foods actually fit in. Do you wait for them to get their pincer grasp? Do you wait until after their first birthday? When do you stop pureeing everything? Does […]

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