Why a little hunger is NOT an emergency

toddler hunger is not an emergency

I work with parents of picky toddlers all the time. I work with parents of toddlers who aren’t sure how to cope with common mealtime scenarios and manage feeding their toddlers. And it’s HARD to know where to start with what seems like a myriad of issues. Today, I’m bringing up a topic (hunger and […]

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Open Cup Drinking 101

Did you know that the first type of cup that should be introduced to baby is an open cup? Not a sippy cup. Seems counterintuitive right? Let’s learn about the reasons why. When your baby begins solid food, they will begin to need just a little extra water (1-2 oz./day at 6 months) in their […]

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A dietitian-mom’s real opinion on puree food pouches

Baby food puree pouches

Puree food pouches – they’re a parents dream! Always there when you need them, filled with ingredients that your child would “never” eat otherwise, and seemingly perfect meals/snacks for babies and toddlers. So what could I possibly say about them besides – they’re a gift from the heavens! Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit […]

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The Ultimate Lunch Packing Guide

school packed lunch

It’s almost back to school time and I’m going to give you my ultimate guide for packing lunches – from how to pack a nutritious lunch to get them out of that food rut, what lunch packing gear I recommend, and even my favourite lunch combinations and list of ideas!  Ready? Let’s go! Packing a […]

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