#46: The best fish for your baby (and which to avoid)

Episode art for episode: "#46: A deep dive into the best fish for your baby (and what to avoid)." Pictured is a baby sitting at the table eating a piece of fish fillet.

In this episode, I’m revealing the extensive research I’ve done on the topic of fish for babies. I include what I find out about which fish is the safest, which should be avoided completely, and how often certain fish can safely be served. Fish has many nutritional benefits, and it’s a top allergen, so serving it beginning at 6 months of age is definitely the recommendation. But certain fish are better options than others, and trying to figure out which you can safely serve can be a bit overwhelming.

I’ve done all the research for you, examined a huge variety of fish, looked at mercury levels, and created a complete outline for which fish to serve most frequently, which to serve sometimes, and which to avoid altogether. You can find my complete cheat sheet for this listed below to download!

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Additional resources:

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FISH GUIDELINES FOR BABIES DOWNLOAD: https://courses.mylittleeater.com/fishguidelinesforbaby

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE SAFEST FISH FOR YOUR BABY: https://mylittleeater.com/bestfish/

DO YOU REALLY NEED TO WORRY ABOUT SALT FOR BABIES? https://mylittleeater.com/44-saltforbabies/

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Benefits of fish (3:55)

Concerns around fish (8:14)

Wild vs. farmed (11:09)

Canned, fresh, or frozen (15:00)

Recommended guidelines (16:38)

My Little Eater’s™ guidelines (22:24)

My Little Eater’s™ fish picks (26:50)


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