#56: Solo-parenting as a Military Spouse: Parenting on Your Own and the Importance of Community

 Episode art for episode: “#55: Solo-parenting as a Military Spouse: Parenting on Your Own and the Importance of Community”. Picture Amy Morris with her daughters.

In this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of talking with Amy Morris, our Project Director & Community Manager here at My Little Eater™. We discuss her life as a military wife, and her time solo-parenting while her husband is deployed. She has some great tips to share with you for when you’re holding down the fort at home, alone. 

We all know parenting isn’t easy, but there can be added challenges as a solo-parent…whether you’re a single parent, or your partner travels for work, or they’re in the military. Solo-parenting means one parent is making all the decisions, and doing ALL the things to raise a child on their own, at least temporarily (because single parenting comes with other unique experiences too). So in honour of Canadian Armed Forces Day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of June every year, I’m highlighting what it means to be a solo-parent from a military wife’s point of view. We’re talking about parenting on your own, feeding babies and toddlers on your own, and the importance of community.

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MORE ON SOLO-PARENTING: https://mylittleeater.com/feeding-kids-solo

Amy’s Bio:

Episode art for episode: “#55: Solo-parenting as a Military Spouse: Parenting on Your Own and the Importance of Community”. Picture Amy Morris with her daughters.

Amy Morris is the Project Director and Community Manager at My Little Eater™. She’s also Mom to two little girls, ages 4 and 2, with another baby on the way. She’s a military spouse who’s just trying to keep everything together, especially when her husband is away for work. She believes in doing the bare minimum when life gets hectic, being proud of all you accomplish as a solo-parent (even if to others it doesn’t look like a lot), and prioritizing the things that will bring you and your kids joy, over other things like dishes and laundry. You can find her in the Little Eaters Club on Facebook, and she’s always willing to give you support if you reach out!

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Welcome Amy! (2:02)

Prepping for your spouse to leave (7:25)

Tips for making meal time a success (11:05)

Setting boundaries or schedules without back-up (16:13)

What to do when you feel overwhelmed (19:02)

Getting help when you need it (20:59)

Last words of advice (23:50)

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