#71: How to Serve Honey to Your Toddler – AFTER 1 Year of Age

Episode art for episode: "#71: How to Serve Honey to Your Toddler - AFTER 1 Year of Age ". Pictured is a jar of honey.

In this quick tip episode, I’m doing another installment in the “How to serve…” series – and this one comes as a request from a listener…honey! Let’s start by clarifying that honey – in ALL forms – is unsafe for your baby under 1 year of age. I go into why in the episode, so if this is news to you, please make sure you listen to that info because it can actually be very dangerous for babies.

Now, once your baby gets past that 1 year mark…how do you introduce honey to them? Can they just have it as is? I go into all the details for you! From why I recommend actually waiting until 2 years old (if you can), different ideas for serving it safely, when it’s considered a choking hazard, and whether some honeys are considered more nutrient dense than others. As always, this is all backed by research, so you can trust that I’m giving you the best info to ensure you’re keeping your baby safe, while also enjoying this fun stage of letting them test out new foods and flavours!

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Why you need to avoid honey under 1 year of age (2:04)

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Is honey a choking hazard? (9:11)


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