#72: Help! My toddler won’t feed themself! 6 Tips to encourage self-feeding

Episode art for episode: “#72: Help! My toddler won’t feed themselves! 6 tips to encourage self-feeding” Pictured is a toddler being fed by a man.

In this episode, I’m talking about what to do when your toddler won’t feed themselves. Sometimes your toddler hasn’t been given a chance to feed themselves because maybe you thought they weren’t taking in enough nutrients on their own, or they were sick and you needed to give them some extra help until they recovered. The fact is, now they’ve come to expect you to feed them, and they aren’t interested in doing it themselves. So regardless of why it happened in the first place, we need to break the cycle and get your toddler to feed themselves soon!

I’m sharing 6 great tips that can help you progress from you feeding your toddler…to them feeding themselves! Pick one or two tips to try first, and remember to be consistent. Be gentle with yourself, and with your toddler. It’s probably going to take some time, but with consistency, your child will develop the desire to feed themselves on their own.

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Tip #1: Communicate with your child (9:07)

Tip #2: Give them familiar foods (13:51)

Tip #3: Try self-feeding at one meal per day (15:20)

Tip #4: Have your child feed a stuffy or doll (17:07)

Tip #5: Take your time when feeding them (18:05)

Tip #6: Hand-under-hand method (20:20)

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