#77: How to stop your baby or toddler from mouth stuffing!

Baby with a full mouth of food after mouth stuffing.

In this episode, I break down a very common concern among parents….mouth stuffing! I’m willing to bet that at one point or another you’ve seen your baby or toddler with cute little “chipmunk cheeks”. But, that moment of “Aww they’re so adorable!” is quickly replaced with panic when you think about how much food they’ve stuffed into their mouth, and how unsafe that must be for them!

That’s why I wanted to take some time and really break this problem down so we can understand why this happens, the purpose that it serves (there are some pros to this, so stay with me!), how we can help them get through this phase, and what we can do to discourage this behaviour when we witness them doing it. I’m covering it all in this episode, so get ready to take some notes because this short episode is jam-packed (kinda like your baby’s cheeks 😉 ) with lots of tips!

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Why do babies over-stuff their mouth? (1:54)

How to help your baby build oral-awareness (5:22)

How to help them when they do over-stuff their mouth (9:22)

How to teach your baby or toddler to take smaller bites (11:44)


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