#78: Sugar or Sugar-Free Baby Smash Cake for a First Birthday?

Baby enjoying their first birthday smash cake.

In this episode, we’re talking all about first birthdays because it’s BIRTHDAY WEEK here at My Little Eater™! We’re celebrating four years as MLE, and I wanted to weigh in on this really popular topic for your sweet baby’s first birthday milestone… sugar or sugar-free smash cake, what’s better? Typically, I see opinions fall either very strongly on the sugar-free side, or very strongly on the sugar-filled side – so where do I fall on the spectrum? I’m a little more in-between!

Listen in to hear what the actual nutritional recommendations are when it comes to offering sugar at 1 year old, why it’s really ok if you opt not to go the sugar-free route, what I decided for my own boys, and whether or not I would change my mind if doing it all over again today. Here’s the thing, at MLE we never judge or criticize your decisions as parents – you know what’s best for your family – so you won’t catch any of that here. But you will be able to hear both sides of this argument, and better be able to assess what exactly will work for your family. Plus, as an added bonus, you can download my favourite added sugar-free smash cake recipe below – because I’ll be honest, a lot of them are kinda gross. 

As always, if you get value from this episode, please leave a rating and review at Apple Podcasts! And, I’d love for you to share some pictures of your baby enjoying their first birthday cake (and if you use my smash cake recipe, let me know your thoughts!) by tagging me on Instagram – these pictures are always so sweet! Enjoy this milestone with your baby – no matter what you choose!

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FREE SMASH CAKE RECIPE: https://courses.mylittleeater.com/episode-78-ultimate-smash-cake-recipe

MORE ON OFFERING SUGAR/SWEETS: https://mylittleeater.com/healthyrelationshipwithsugar/

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The nutritional recommendation (4:30)

Why it’s ok to offer a sugar-filled smash cake (7:10)

What I decided for my own kids (8:32)

Would I choose sugar or sugar free now? (9:29)

My favourite smash cake recipe (13:07)


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