#94: How to Build Healthy Toddler Meals and Snacks Using the FFP Formula

healthy toddler meal consisting of eggs, nut butter toast, yogurt and avocado

Let’s tackle one of my most commonly asked questions – and that’s how to build healthy toddler meals and snacks that are filling, and well balanced. In this episode I’m going to be giving you the details on My Little Eater’s signature formula for how to build  meals for toddlers the way a dietitian mom would! It really is the easiest way to check off all the boxes nutritionally and keep your toddler full until their next meal, so they aren’t constantly left hungry and asking for snacks shortly after eating.

My Little Eater’s FFP formula is a favourite amongst graduates of my Feeding Toddlers online course (now on sale for 20% off!), because it’s also so easy to remember and takes the guesswork out of meal planning! Anytime MLE parents are packing lunches, doling out a snack or meal planning for a couple days, they just have to remember this simple FFP formula and can easily mix-and-match foods that work to fit the framework without ever doubting if it’s balanced enough. In the episode, I provide detailed food ideas that fall into each of the “FFP” categories so you can get started right away!

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BABY LED FEEDING ONLINE COURSE: https://mylittleeater.com/baby-led-feeding/

And of course, if you haven’t reached the toddler stage yet and are delving into starting solids with your little one, let me help you on your journey and enroll in my Baby Led Feeding Online Course!  Not only will it help you start solids with confidence, it will ensure you have the knowledge to gently push your baby through textures to prevent picky eating and be healthy in all aspects!

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All about my Feeding Toddler course and the value it provides (1:17)

The theory behind MLE’s formula for building a healthy and nutritious toddler meal (3:48)

The FFP formula for building the best snacks and meals! (9:08)

Adding the additional “P” to FFP (14:32)

Foods that fit in each category (15:36)


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Registered pediatric dietitian, mom of two picky-turned-adventurous eater, and the creator of the Texture Timeline™ – an exclusive tool to help move your baby through easy to more advanced purees and finger foods to prevent picky eating.

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