#95: How to Get Your Toddler Eating More Vegetables

Toddler sitting in highchair eating carrots, corn and peas

In this episode I’m going to be covering the million dollar question – and that’s how to get your toddler eating more vegetables! As parents, you know vegetables seem to be your worst enemy. Whether you have a picky eater or not, they just seem to be that one food that’s literally impossible to get into your toddlers diet. But there are things we may be unintentionally doing that actually prevents them from trying them and ultimately eating them in the long run.

Let’s face it, veggies technically don’t always taste that good, are kind of a weird texture and are ALWAYS the focal point of the meal, as many parents overemphasize them as the one food on the plate that their toddler should eat. So today I wanted to cover how to change your mindset on approaching veggies with your toddler by giving you my tips on when and how often to serve them, how to talk to your toddler about them and how to find fun in serving veggies. It does take consistency, and a bit of a mindset shift…BUT…all these tips are stepping stones for getting your toddler eating them in the long run – which is totally your goal! 

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Tip #1: Serve them more often! (1:26

Tip #2: Treat veggies the same as every other food (7:05

Tip #3: Engage their interest with food play! (11:45

Bonus tip 1: Make them delicious (17:34)

Bonus tip 2: Pressure free veggie platter (18:21


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