#88: How to Handle Negative Comments About Your Child’s Eating During the Holidays

 Little girl eating holiday dinner with family

In this episode I’m going to be giving you some practical tips to handle common feeding struggles that happen during the holidays, including how to address negative comments you might get from family members about your child’s eating habits.  Arguably one of the most common things I hear from parents is dreading when they have to go to a large family dinner, already anticipating the clash of different feeding styles everyone has. This can be tough – especially if you have a picky eater and you’ve been working hard on their feeding habits! 

Sometimes it can seem easier to just avoid going to get togethers so you don’t have to deal with it, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Listen to my 5 tips that I know will give you the confidence to handle those negative comments and struggles that come up with grace! Remember that the holidays are about love and the feeling of togetherness, and my wish for you is to be able to enjoy holiday dinner with your family!

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Additional Resources:

For all the information you could ever need to start solids with your baby, check out my Baby Led Feeding online course. This will show you how to feed your baby from 6 to 12 months in a way that will set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating, and can actually help prevent picky eating!

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If you’re already into the toddler stage, or close to it, and you want to know how to handle the changes that happen in toddlerhood, as well as be prepared to prevent or manage picky eating, check out my Feeding Toddlers online course. This gives you all the steps you need to begin enjoying happier mealtimes with your toddler!

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If you want to read these tips instead of listening to the podcast I’ve got you covered! Head over to my website and read the blog I’ve written on this topic instead! 

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Tip 1: Remember where they’re coming from (3:39)

Tip 2: Talk to your family ahead of time (5:02)

Tip 3: Address negative comments with grace! (14:05)

Tip 4: Decide whether it’s worth the effort or fight (17:52)

Tip 5: Choose to focus on the positives! (19:21)


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