#89: Feeding your sick baby/toddler and what to expect

Mother cuddling her sick baby and comforting her

In this episode I’m going to be covering a much requested topic at this time of year, and that’s everything you need to know when it comes to feeding your sick baby or toddler and what you can expect during this time. As we enter cold and flu season, babies and toddlers seem to be sick constantly – which means constant stress for parents like you! 

A lot of things can change when they get sick including how much they eat, what foods they’ll actually eat and the quantity of it. As a parent who has been there and been so stressed about all these things, I wanted to really dig into what you can expect when they’re sick, as well as give you some recommendations for nutritious and hydrating foods for your sick baby or toddler too! 

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Additional Resources:

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If you prefer to read instead of listen into the podcast you can check out my blog I have on this topic, which will give you all the same tips and advice mentioned here! 

FOOD, NUTRITION & YOUR SICK BABY/TODDLER: https://mylittleeater.com/food-nutrition-your-sick-baby-toddler/

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As promised, here’s a recipe to my favorite Garlic Sauce you can incorporate into your child’s meal when they are feeling under the weather 

GARLIC SAUCE (TOUM DIP): https://feelgoodfoodie.net/recipe/lebanese-garlic-sauce/

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What to expect when your baby is sick (1:26)

Stick to a normal feeding schedule as much as possible (3:30)

Focus on hydration from foods and fluids (6:23)

Immune boosting foods (12:14)

Avoid large portions (16:56)

Avoid catering to your toddler’s food requests (17:52)

FAQ’s for feeding your sick baby or toddler (21:09)


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