#92: Taking the Overwhelm Out of Meal Planning with Laura Fuentes

mother using tablet for meal planning ideas

In this episode, I talk to Laura Fuentes, the creator of MOMables, to chat all about meal planning for busy families and how to get started when you’re too overwhelmed to take that first step! These tips will set you up for success in creating a maintainable family meal plan and make the thought of mealtime prep more enjoyable! Laura and I both agree that many times the thought of meal planning can be too overwhelming for many, especially when both parents are often working full time hours and carting their kids around to activities on top of school or daycare. I’ve been there too and I know the daunting feeling of feeding my family healthy meals, packing lunches and then doing the whole dang thing over again the next week.

Laura has so much knowledge and really breaks down easy tips for making meal planning a habit, for planning meals with minimum time – and as a mom of 3 – she shares some of the super smart strategies she implements to have meals ready and on the table FAST! Plus… she gives us her top 5 breakfast ideas to keep ideas fresh and varied…cause that breakfast rut is a very real thing! 

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Additional Resources:

Starting solids with your baby? If you’re unsure where to start, jump right into my Baby Led Feeding online course! This course gives you all the steps – from what to feed, how to feed and how to progress your baby in textures, so you set your baby up with the skills to become an adventurous eater for life!

BABY LED FEEDING ONLINE COURSE: https://mylittleeater.com/baby-led-feeding/

If you’ve started noticing your toddler having picky tendencies, my Feeding Toddlers online course is a great resource. This course will give you all the tricks to get you on the right path to raising an adventurous and happy eater, eliminating mealtime battles for good! 

FEEDING TODDLERS ONLINE COURSE: https://mylittleeater.com/feeding-toddlers/

Laura’s Bio: 

Laura Fuentes of MOMables

Laura Fuentes is the creator of MOMables, where she’s helped thousands of families improve their health and wellness by establishing healthier eating habits as a family with her Family KickStart Program and weekly meal plan.

She’s the Author of 5 Cookbooks, a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, spokesperson, makes regular television appearances like on TODAY and Good Morning America, has competed on Food Network and won! Her 100K + YouTube subscribers make her an “official YouTuber” according to her 9-year-old that is.

Laura is bilingual, born and raised in Spain, and currently lives outside of New Orleans with her husband and 3 kids. In her spare time, Laura reads, sleeps, and works out. What she loves most is taking her family on travel adventures.

You can find more about Laura on LauraFuentes.com, on Instagram @LauraSFuentes and MOMables.com

WEBSITE LINKS: https://www.laurafuentes.com  and  https://www.momables.com

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/laurasfuentes/

30-DAY FAMILY KICKSTART PROGRAM: https://www.laurafuentes.com/family-kickstart-clean-eating-meal-plan/

COOKBOOKS: https://www.amazon.com/Laura-Fuentes/e/B00IKUA23W/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1397245955&sr=8-1

FREE CLEAN EATING HANDBOOK: https://www.momables.com/exclusive-real-food-ks/

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Laura’s journey with MOMables (3:07)

The simplest way to start meal planning (9:57)

Typical steps and tricks for easy meal planning (16:00)

5 go to breakfast ideas for busy mornings (28:17)


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