#91: How Often to Feed Baby in the First Year of Starting Solids

time to feed baby based on a schedule

To celebrate Christmas and the ending of another year at My Little Eater, I wanted to air the most popular episode EVER from the podcast. So, here’s a recap of all of my expert tips on how to figure out how much to feed your baby after starting solids and how to implement a feeding schedule for your baby. Hands down, this is still the most common topic I get questions on! WHEN do I feed my baby? HOW OFTEN do I feed my baby? And WHAT about milk feedings… where do they fit in? So this episode will be golden for you if you’ve ever been confused about how many meals to offer your baby through the first year, when to fit nursing, or bottles in with solid foods, and squeezing in those all important naps!

I’m also sharing my sample feeding schedules for every age range from 6-12 months, complete with solid meals, milk feeds, and naps, so you can have an actionable approach to solids and be all set to enjoy this journey with your little one!

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Additional Resources:

Starting solids with your baby isn’t something you should have to stress over, especially if you start with my Baby Led Feeding Online Course! This course gives you all the steps to know what to feed your baby, how to feed it to them (with video demos!), common choking hazards, and how to master responsive feeding. It’s specifically designed to help parents just like you feel confident, and know you’re not alone on this journey. Enroll today and get started!

BABY LED FEEDING ONLINE COURSE: https://mylittleeater.com/baby-led-feeding/

If you love the schedule ideas I share here, make sure to download my sample schedules freebie I discuss. You’ll be fully prepared for each of the stages along this feeding journey!

SAMPLE FEEDING SCHEDULE FREEBIE  https://my-little-eater.ck.page/6d5668d14d

I also mention my free readiness guide for deciding if your baby is ready to start eating solid foods. Many of my clients come to me unsure if it’s the right time – so make sure to grab this freebie too!

READINESS SIGNS FREEBIE:  https://courses.mylittleeater.com/readinesschecklist

WHAT TO DO IF BABY WON’T EAT SOLIDS: https://mylittleeater.com/baby-wont-eat-solids/

Skip To…

The basics of feeding schedules and consistency (4:10)

Relationship between solid foods and milk feedings (5:42)

Natural progression of adding meals by age (8:15

6-7 month old (9:36)

8-9 month old (12:20)

10-12 month old (13:49)

Milk requirements by age (16:02)

Sample schedules by age (17:56)


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