In this episode, I am spilling all of my expert tips on how to figure out a feeding schedule for your baby. Hands down, this is the most common topic I get questions on…. WHEN do I feed my baby? HOW OFTEN do I feed my baby? And WHAT about milk feedings… where do they fit in? So, if you have ever been confused about how many meals to offer your baby, when to fit nursing, or bottles, in with solid foods, and don’t forget fitting in those all-important naps! I’m sharing my sample feeding schedules for every age range from 6-12 months, complete with solid meals, milk feeds, and naps, so you can be all set to enjoy this journey with your little one!

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Welcome back! (0:46)

Solid foods vs. milk feedings (4:00)

Why progression is necessary (6:33)

6-7 month old (7:57)

8-9 month old (10:37)

10-12 month old (12:07)

Milk requirements by age (13:10)

Sample schedules by age (16:15)