#98: Purees vs. baby led weaning: Which one is better?

A baby with yogurt on their face from self-feeding by doing baby led weaning combined with purees.

On this episode of the podcast, I’m calling it like it is and getting fired up about something I feel very strongly about…mixing purees and baby led weaning! But, more importantly, I’m here to tell you that spoon feeding is NOT wrong, or bad for your baby. Period. I listened to another podcast over the past weekend that sparked this episode of my own, and I’m not pointing any fingers, but I will explain why I wholeheartedly disagree with their stance on puree feeding and whether or not you can combine puree feeding and baby led weaning

I’ll chat about the main controversy of purees vs. baby led weaning – does it really need to be one or the other? I’ll go over how to do baby led weaning and purees, in fact, I’ll share with you the benefits of doing so! And we’ll cover some other important topics like why I feel strongly that you need to feed your baby in the way that feels right for your family, and how baby led weaning is not better than spoon feeding, despite what some experts would have you believe (pssstt…it’s not a competition, there is no winner here).

So, if you’re sick of hearing about the black and white of feeding, or parenting for that matter, and want to learn about how you can safely exist in that grey area in-between in a way that benefits both you and your baby – download and listen now! Let’s collectively decide to throw out any narrative that suggests you have to do things one way to be a “good parent” and if you do it another way you’re causing irreparable harm…nope. I don’t agree with that, and I’m over reading about it online. You CAN find a happy medium in feeding (and in other things too), and I’m here to help you do just that. 

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My opinion on combining BLW and purees (2:09)

Important considerations if you’re mixing both methods (5:37)

Why it’s ok to switch or combine approaches (9:33)

Real-life examples of using purees and baby led weaning together (18:23)


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