#57: Get Your Toddler To Eat Meat With These 5 Food Play Ideas!

Episode art for episode: "Bonus: Get your toddler to eat MEAT with these 5 FOOD PLAY IDEAS!". Pictured is a toddler playing with toy food.

In this quick tip episode, I’m letting you in on my top 5 ideas for encouraging your toddler to explore meat! Now, does this mean they’ll definitely eat it? No! But, exploring food, touching food, playing with food… these are all great first steps towards actually eating the food.

When it comes to picky eating, the strategies are not immediate, there is no one magical, quick fix. But, there are really effective strategies that you can use, at home, to help them make progress, and baby steps, towards being adventurous and trying a food that they’d usually ignore. One of those strategies is food play. I go over why it’s so important to let your toddler play with their food – even at the dinner table – and how to do so in a strategic, non-pressured way, to help encourage them, and work towards seeing some success.

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