Baby Led Feeding

Food, Nutrition & Your Sick Baby/Toddler

Feeding sick baby toddler

The most dreaded season of the year. No, I’m not talking about pothole season.  I’m talking about the germy, snotty, cough-every-two-seconds-and-get-your-siblings-sick-too season. And it doesn’t only suck because you’ve got to watch your poor little one go through sleepless nights and low energy, but also because in the back of your mind you’re thinking…”I worked […]

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Introducing Highly Allergenic Foods

Introducing allergenic foods

There is a certain excitement every parent holds when it comes to introducing their baby to new foods. Wondering what they will like (or not like!) watching their faces pucker up when they eat something new…the taste testing process can be so exciting! And yet, it’s not unusual for stress to still creep up on […]

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