#1: My Journey with Feeding My Kids

Episode art for episode "#1: My Journey with Feeding My Kids". Pictured is Edwena Kennedy, Registered Pediatric Dietitian, and her two sons.

In this introductory episode of “The My Little Eater Podcast”, I reveal the details of the journey that brought me to where I am today – Registered Pediatric Dietitian, owner of My Little Eater, Mom, and your biggest supporter while you learn about feeding your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! Hear about my mistakes as a first-time mom, what I have to say about mom-guilt, where my kids are on their feeding journey now, and how my courses can help you to raise a happy, healthy little eater of your own!

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Is your baby brand new, between 6-12 months, or even, still on their way? You need my Baby Led Feeding online course!

Is your baby not so little anymore, over 12 months, and/or you are seeing the signs of picky eating emerge? You need my Feeding Toddlers online course!

Just want to look around, get to know me, see what I can do for you? Find more info here: www.mylittleeater.com

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Hello (0:47)

My Journey Begins (1:15)

Feeding My Babies (3:17)

Feeding My Toddlers (7:02)

My Journey Continues (11:03)

How to Raise Happy, Healthy Little Eaters (12:45)


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Registered pediatric dietitian, mom of two and lover of all things related to baby and toddler feeding!


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