#43: The Best Bread for Baby Led Feeding

Episode art for episode "#43: The Best Bread for Baby Led Feeding." Pictured is a baby sitting in a high chair looking at a piece of bread.

In this episode, I’m going very specific and sharing my top recommendations for choosing the best bread for your baby! Believe it or not, I actually get asked this question A LOT! Bread can contain a lot of sodium, and some even have harmful ingredients for babies, such as honey, so choosing the right type […]

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3 Reasons to Start Your Baby on Textured Finger Foods ASAP

Main image for the article “3 Reasons to start your baby on textured finger foods ASAP.” Pictured is a mom sitting with her baby at the table. The baby is sitting in a highchair, and eating pieces of cucumbers.

If you’re not doing baby led weaning and starting finger foods right from the beginning, it can be hard to figure out exactly when the best time to start finger foods is. You have to think about when to advance in textures, and also know what are considered to be the best first finger foods. […]

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#42: Why it’s Important to Serve Your Baby Different Textures

Episode art for episode: "#42: Why it's important to serve your baby different textures." Pictured is a baby being spoon-fed pasta.

In this episode, I’m speaking directly to the parents out there who’d like to start solids by offering purees, but then don’t really know when finger foods actually fit in. Do you wait for them to get their pincer grasp? Do you wait until after their first birthday? When do you stop pureeing everything? Does […]

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How to Transition to Finger Foods When Your Baby is Stuck on Purees

Main image for the article “How to Transition to Finger Foods When Your Baby is Stuck on Purees”. Pictured is a little girl sitting in her highchair, eating jarred puree baby food with a spoon.

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of questions from parents who are stressed out that, for whatever reason, their baby isn’t able to transition off purees. Maybe they’ve tried, and it ends up with their baby gagging excessively, maybe their baby vomits, maybe their baby just refuses the finger foods and they only want […]

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#40: Why Your Baby is Stuck on Purees and How to Move on From Them

Episode art for episode "#40:Why your baby is stuck on purees and how to move on from them". Pictured is a baby sitting in a highchair, eating pureed baby food.

In this episode, I’m tackling a common question I get from parents who are stressed out that, for whatever reason, their baby isn’t able to transition off pureed baby food! Some parents try, but their baby ends up gagging excessively, maybe even vomiting, or just flat out refuses the finger foods but shows no resistance […]

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A New Way to Start Solids with Baby Led Feeding

Main image for the article: "A new way to start solids with Baby Led Feeding". Pictured is a happy baby, sitting in their highchair, with peas scattered on their tray.

We generally know there are two main methods of starting solids, puree feeding and baby led weaning (BLW). (Not familiar with each? Check out this blog post here for an explanation.) And, after learning about each of these methods, and diving into the cultures that each method sits within, I have seen over and over […]

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#34: Easy Hacks to Meal Plan for Your Baby

Episode art for "#34: Easy Hacks to Meal Plan for Your Baby". Pictured are two plates with different meals on them.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you all of my tips for planning out meals with your baby, including 5 days of themed meals, so you can easily choose what to serve! I hear from so many moms who are wondering how to fit meal prep and planning into their busy schedules. Maybe you’re working, […]

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Baby Poop 101

Main image for the article "Baby Poop 101", shows 3 diapers hanging on a clothesline outside.

Bet you never thought you’d become someone that’s obsessed with poop, did ya?? Well, as a parent, this is just one of those things that we worry about and pay A LOT of attention to!  “Why’s my baby’s poop this colour?” “My baby hasn’t pooped in days, is that normal?” “My baby’s poop is really […]

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#28: One Mama’s Journey into Starting Solids the Baby Led Way

Centered in the image is a picture of a mom and her little boy, approx. 1 year old, sitting on a blanket outside on the grass. Surrounding the image are stars and hearts. The image has a maroon border.

In this episode, I’m interviewing a Mama who is also a graduate of both my Baby Led Feeding and Feeding Toddlers online courses! She has a son who is now officially a toddler, she’s a stay at home Mama, and has some incredible experiences to share about her journey into solids, and into toddlerhood. Listen […]

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