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In this episode, I’m answering a SUPER popular question that I get – how much milk should a toddler drink a day? I’m breaking this all the way down for you! I’m talking about quantities, benefits, and the pitfalls of too much of a good thing. I’m even answering a question from a listener regarding breastfeeding interfering with solid foods!

My goal is for you to take what you learn in this episode, and apply it to your family in a way that suits your individual family’s needs. Every family is unique, and offering a blanket “one size fits all” recommendation, when it comes to eating, particularly when it comes to serving milk when there are so many alternatives and specifics, is just not possible. So please, keep this in mind, and remember that every toddler is unique – your toddler may be obsessed with milk, or they may absolutely hate it! That is definitely going to affect how you apply what I speak about in this episode.

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