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In this episode, I’m interviewing a Mama who is also a graduate of both my Baby Led Feeding and Feeding Toddlers online courses! She has a son who is now officially a toddler, she’s a stay at home Mama, and has some incredible experiences to share about her journey into solids, and into toddlerhood.

Listen in to hear why she started searching for help with introducing solid foods, what her concerns were, and what tips she has for bottle weaning and food throwing. She’s had some amazing wins since completing the courses, and I’d love for you to hear how relaxed she is about meal times now – it’s wonderful to see!

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Additional Resources:

If you’re listening in and thinking – I want that level of confidence when it comes to feeding my baby and/or toddler – take a look at my online courses! If you’re just beginning your journey into solid foods, my Baby Led Feeding course will give you all the details you need in order to set your baby up for success, and will provide you with the confidence to enjoy this exciting milestone, instead of stress over it.

If you’re past that stage and into toddlerhood, or almost into toddlerhood, time to grab my Feeding Toddlers course. Be prepared for everything your toddler will throw at you – from food (literally) to behavioural curveballs – you’ll be ready for anything!



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Welcome Jodi! (1:08)

Jodi’s journey with BLF (4:18)

Bumps along the way (7:33)

How Jodi decreased milk, and saved her schedule! (8:21)

Changes in toddlerhood (12:45)

Why she felt the toddler course was a necessity (15:33)