#31: Learning to eat without the TV and other mealtime distractions

toddler eating with tv on

In this episode, I’m answering a listener’s question on how to help her child eat, when the only way they can eat is with the TV on. I go over all my recommendations with regards to watching TV, or providing other distractions for your toddler, during mealtimes. Now, if you’ve seen some of my content before, you’ll know that I really love family style meals, mealtime conversations, and minimal distractions while eating. This all helps to promote a positive mealtime environment, and is the perfect setting for teaching mindfulness while eating. That being said, you can probably guess how I feel about screen time during meals…

I know, it’s so convenient to just turn on your toddler’s favourite show and let them zone out in order to get them to eat. BUT – that’s exactly the issue…they’re “zoning out”. They’re paying attention to the TV, and not to their food, or their tummies. In the episode, I give you tips on how to remove the TV from mealtimes, as well as give you recommendations on what you can do instead to fix the issue for real vs. use TV as a bandaid solution.

(PS >> The same will be true for other distractions, TV is just a really great example, and I receive this question a lot, I’m even sharing one of them today!)

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Additional Resources:

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What is a mealtime distraction (2:08)

A question from a listener (3:34)

Why we want kids to have the full mealtime experience (4:22)

How distractions affect hunger and fullness cues (6:18)

Why distraction really equals control (8:12)

How to remove distractions (15:20)


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