#35: Food Substitutions for When Your Baby has Allergies

Episode art for episode "#35: Food Substitutions for When Your Baby has Allergies". Pictured is a baby being spoon-fed puree.

This episode is for all you mamas (and dads) out there dealing with food allergies! Maybe your baby has already reacted to some after you started introducing the top allergens, or maybe you personally have such a severe allergy that you can’t keep certain foods in the house. Now, for the latter case, your baby will still need to be exposed to those allergens, but best to speak with your allergist about how to go about it (and that’s an episode for another day).

Back to the topic at hand! In this episode, I’m talking about how you can still ensure your baby meets their nutritional requirements, while keeping in mind the most common allergens. I get asked this a lot because so many of you have recipes you commonly use, or you find some new ones to try on Pinterest or recipe sites, but they often include top allergens, such as eggs, wheat, dairy, or nuts. So, if your baby has an allergy to one, or multiple of those, it can be hard to find recipes that work.

I’m sharing with you some easy substitutions that you can make to these recipes, or just in your weekly grocery shop, so you can continue to offer your baby variety, and the nutrition they need, while avoiding an allergic reaction.

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If you’re a family living with allergies and you have a recommendation for a food substitution that I didn’t mention, please share it with me! Send me an email to [email protected] so I can spread the word, the more options available the better.

Additional Resources:

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Milk allergy (3:13)

Wheat allergy (11:17)

Peanut/nut allergies (18:14)

Egg allergy (21:28)

Fish/seafood allergies (25:49)

Soy allergy (27:59)

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