#75: SEASON FINALE – My Baby’s a Bottomless Pit! How Do I End Mealtimes while Respecting Hunger Cues?

Episode art for episode: "#75: SEASON FINALE - My Baby’s a Bottomless Pit! How Do I End Mealtimes while Respecting Hunger Cues?" Pictured is a baby eating a blueberry.

In the Season 3 finale, I’m sharing another clip from my most recent coaching call in my exclusive membership program, the Little Eaters Club. I had the pleasure of speaking with Megan about her 1 year old son, and let me tell you, her question is a common one!

Many parents message me concerned about their child’s portion sizes – I hear worries from both ends of the spectrum…either they’re eating seemingly so little, or so much the meal feels never-ending. In Megan’s case, her son is eating for at least 40-45 minutes per meal, with no end in sight – and let’s be real here – no one has time for that 3 times a day! Megan’s biggest concern is honouring her son’s hunger and fullness cues, while still keeping mealtimes to a reasonable time frame. So, how do you strike that balance? Listen in to find out my recommendation!

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Megan’s struggle with balancing portions and the length of mealtimes (6:21)

Why your baby may be eating for 40-45 minutes (8:31)

My recommendation (10:16)


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