The Ultimate Guide to my Favourite Feeding Accessories

the ultimate guide to feeding accessories for baby and toddler

Okay, it’s time to talk about feeding products and accessories – specifically utensils, plates, bowls, bibs… the whole nine yards. I mean, have you ever wandered through the spoon aisle at the baby store and felt your head explode because of all the choices they had to offer? Or have you scrolled aimlessly through pages and pages of plates and bowls on Amazon? 

Narrowing down the feeding accessories and feeding products that are best for your baby can be difficult when the market is overloaded with choices. On top of looking at adorable little animal shaped plates, you also have to take into account how each is made…like should you buy plastic or silicone? Or bamboo because it’s so sustainable? Sheesh! 

So, today I’m here to offer some relief and to stop your head from spinning! I’ve done the research for you, and tested different products, which all helped me create this awesome and easy go-to guide for you to know some of the top feeding accessories I recommend to parents! PS. Last week I covered how to pick out a highchair or booster seat and my fav ones – be sure to check that out if you need help in that area!

Bamboo, stainless steel, plastic, or silicone feeding accessories – which one is best?!

Baby feeding accessories most popularly come in silicone, stainless steel, bamboo and plastic. So it can be hard to feel like you’re making the right choice. Let’s dig a bit deeper into each option. 


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released recommendations about using plastic utensils, containers, plates and bowls since chemicals like BPA and phthalates have been noted as harmful. A while ago, plastic had been given a bad rep for having these chemicals in it which could leach into food if heated, and although some progress and regulation has taken place to make them safer by removing BPA… many products still contain phthalates which can have negative effects on the endocrine system.

That’s why the AAP recommends to avoid plastic in all items that come in contact with food, if possible. Sometimes, avoiding plastic is just not possible, or practical, and listen…that’s okay! If you opt to use plastic, just make sure it is specified as BPA free (preferably phthalate free too) and make sure to avoid using it in the microwave, or dishwasher, to avoid any damage to the plastic that could affect the quality of the food served. 

An easy way to make sure you are avoiding plastics with harmful chemicals is to look at the recycling codes on the product or it’s packaging. Codes that indicate the product is unsafe are codes 3, 6 & 7. Codes 3 & 6 don’t have BPA in them, but they contain other chemicals that ideally we can try to avoid, while code 7 has BPA and other harmful additives!


One of the great features of bamboo is that it’s a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. It’s also made without any chemical processing. It’s fairly easy to clean, and is antimicrobial by nature! The one downside is that unfortunately it’s not dishwasher safe as the wood will expand from extreme heat (it can’t be microwaved either) – but other than that, it makes for a favourite amongst feeding accessory materials. 

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the recommendations from the AAP as a good alternative to plastic. It’s strong and unbreakable for those little ones who love throwing everything they can get their hands on as they learn the ropes of eating at the table. It also resists wear and tear and, just like bamboo, is sustainable. So you can feel good about doing your part for the environment. 

There has been speculation that some of the compounds in stainless steel can leach into food too and can be harmful when ingested – like iron, nickel, and chromium. But the good news is that according to Health Canada, the amounts that would have the potential to be leached into your food is not considered dangerous at all – in fact it could be beneficial instead as those compounds are needed in our bodies.


Silicone has easily become one of the most popular choices for feeding accessories. It doesn’t react with foods or liquids, is safe to use to serve hot foods on, and amazingly is microwave and dishwasher safe! It’s stain resistant and non-stick which is perfect for baby led weaning because it’s so easy to clean when things get a little messy! You’ll find lots of my favourite products are made with silicone.

My fav feeding accessories!

Whether it’s bowls and plates or utensils and bibs that you need help with, I’ve included all my favorites to help you narrow down the best choices on the market!

Plates and bowls

When it comes to bowls and plates, the things I look for are options that are easy to clean, stick really well to the highchair so they don’t move around (or get thrown off easily), are durable in the sense that they’re sustainable, resist wear and tear, and are dishwasher safe, made with non-toxic materials (no BPA), and are age appropriate. Whether they’re divided or not isn’t really on my list of “must-haves” – in fact, I’m of the opinion that if we train them to eat with a divided plate, it may make for a harder transition to regular plates later. Not for sure, but the possibility is there. I don’t think it makes for pickier babies/toddlers, and I don’t think there is an inherent harm to using divided plates. It’s more just the fact that you’ll have to transition them to a regular plate later, rather than just doing it all from the beginning. There can be benefits to using a divided plate, especially when serving something more saucy/soup-like that will mix like crazy with other foods, but ultimately, whether it’s an open plate or a divided one, it’s all good. PS – you can put food directly on the highchair tray when first starting out as well (no plate needed). However, I like to start them off the way I want them to continue on – with a plate so they get used to it!

EZPZ Mini Mat,  EZPZ Happy Mat, EZPZ Mini Bowl
EZPZ plates/bowls

Price: $18-25 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! Stain resistant and non stick.

Durable? Yes! These products are really durable in the sense that they will not break or rip easily.

Type of materials? EZPZ products are made with 100% silicone.

Age appropriate? Yes! They have a suction cup bottom which is great for babies starting solids and also for the period where your toddler might like to throw their plate! I also like that the rim of each section is a little higher which makes it easier for your baby to bring food to the side of each section to help lift it out of the plate.

Purchase links: EZPZ (Mini Mat, Happy Mat , EZPZ Mini Bowl)

Avanchy Stainless Steel Bowl with Lid
Avanchy bowl

Price: $25 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! 

Durable? Yes! This one is dishwasher safe and can withstand drops and bumps.

Type of material? 18/8 gauge stainless steel.

Age appropriate? Yes! The double walled and non heat transfer features keep both babies and toddlers safe if serving hot food.

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN 

Other features: Comes with an airtight lid which is great for traveling!

Munchkin Stay Put Bowls
Munchkin bowls

Price: $24 USD for a set of three

Easy to clean? Yes! 

Durable? Yes! They are dishwasher safe and will not break if dropped.

Type of material? Plastic – BPA free, silicone stay put suction bottom.

Age appropriate? Yes! They come in three different sizes per set for growing appetites. This is my favourite to use as a “No thank you bowl!” to eliminate food throwing.

Purchase links: Amazon US , Amazon CAN 

Avanchy Bamboo Bowl and Plate
Avanchy bamboo bowl and plate

Price: $40 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! They are antimicrobial and antibacterial. But, to keep them in the best shape possible, avoid the dishwasher and microwave with these ones!

Durable? Yes! The bamboo upper plate is strong and sturdy and the silicone suction ring is durable and resists wear and tear.

Type of material? 100% Bamboo, with a silicone suction ring.

Age appropriate? Yes! Safe from infancy to toddlerhood.

Purchase links: Amazon USAmazon CAN 

Kiddobloom Toddler Stainless Steel Set
Kiddobloom toddler stainless steel set

Price: $35 USD for a set of three

Easy to clean? Yes! 

Durable? Yes! They are dishwasher safe and very durable if dropped!

Type of material? Stainless steel.

Age appropriate? These are best suited for toddlers and are great for moving away from suction plates and into more real tableware that your toddler can practice with.

Purchase links: Amazon US (these are unfortunately only on Amazon US, but can ship to Canada!)

IKEA Kalas Plate/bowl set
IKEA Kalas bowl and plate set

Price: $19 USD for a set of 6 bowls, 6 plates & 6 cups.

Easy to clean? Yes! But since they are plastic you should avoid putting them in the dishwasher (even though they say dishwasher safe).

Durable? Yes! 

Type of material? Polypropylene. No harmful additives.

Age appropriate? These are a great option for toddlers and aren’t breakable, so again a good way for toddlers to practice using “real” plates and bowls that don’t suction to the table.

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN 


When it comes to bibs the best things to look for are options that provide as much coverage as possible, easy to clean, and are adjustable. I find fabric bibs that need to be machine washed after every meal to be a pain in the butt! Not as practical as something that can be quickly wiped or rinsed off and able to air dry to reuse again right away. Here are my fav options below!

OXO Tot Roll-up Bib
OXO Tot roll up bib

Price: $14 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! It is easy to wipe clean and machine washable.

Age appropriate? Yes! Has adjustable neck closure.

Purchase links: Amazon US , Amazon CAN

Bumkins Sleeved Bib

These bibs are amazing for baby led weaning. They save you numerous outfit changes while your baby explores solid food. Since they tie behind the back, you can rest assured your baby won’t be able to pull them off either!

Bumkins sleeved bib

Price: $13 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! They are made with waterproof, easy to wipe and machine washable fabric.

Age appropriate? Yes! Has adjustable neck closure.

Purchase links: Amazon US , Amazon CAN

Bapron Bib

This bib is like a bib/apron combination, designed with full mess coverage in mind but it is sleeveless. It works similar to most bibs, however it ties horizontally behind their back, instead of around their neck, so they can’t pull it off during mealtimes! Plus, they are completely free of any dangerous chemicals that can harm your baby and are antimicrobial.

Bapron bib

Price: $23 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! They are made with durable, stain resistant fabric that is also waterproof and quick drying. And you can throw them in the washing machine too!

Age appropriate? Yes! These can range from 6 months all the way up to 5 years so they can grow with your child into preschool. The adjustable back tie makes it easy to adjust as they grow. 

Purchase links: Amazon US

Bibado Bib

These bibs are known as the baby lead weaning bib and arguably one of the best baby bibs out there! It straps right around your baby’s highchair tray so no food falls down into the highchair. You can simply undo the bib from behind your baby’s back, and leave the mess right on the bib and highchair tray instead of on their clothes!

Bibado bib

Price: $28 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! The fabric is easy to wipe clean and machine washable.

Age appropriate? Yes! You can fully adjust it behind the back.

Purchase links: Amazon US , Amazon CAN


When it comes to cups, open cups are always best because they help with balanced facial muscular development. But let’s face it, sometimes open cups aren’t practical when traveling or out and about, so straw cups are a good option too! My blog post on Open Cup Drinking is the perfect prerequisite to this list, and can definitely help you know which cups to buy and when – especially if you don’t know where to start! Besides looking for either an open cup or straw cup, other features I look for are if they are easy to take apart and clean, and also which materials they are made from. 

EZPZ Tiny Cup 
EZPZ tiny cup

Price: $10 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! Since it’s an open cup there are no parts to clean, plus it’s silicone which naturally repels stains and is dishwasher safe!

Material? Silicone

Age appropriate? Yes! The EZPZ cup is made small to better fit in small hands. Plus it has non-slip grips for easier movements to the mouth, and a weighted base so it limits spills. 

Purchase links: ezpz

Green Sprouts Learning Cup
Green sprouts learning cup

Price: $8 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! Stain resistant and dishwasher safe.

Material? Silicone.

Age appropriate? Yes! These cups are a great starting cup and the easy grab handles on both sides can help baby hold and maneuver it more easily. The base of the cup is wide which helps prevent spills while they learn to bring the cup up to their mouth. 

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN

Zo-li Siliflex 
Zo-Li Siliflex

Price: $11 USD

Easy to clean? Yes! Top rack dishwasher safe.

Material? Plastic and Silicone – BPA free, Phthalate free, PVC free.

Age appropriate? Yes! The weighted straw design is great when your baby is learning how to drink from a cup properly, and will still work no matter which angle they tip the cup. The side handles make it easier for them to grip and move around. 

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN

Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw cup
Munchkin weighted straw cup

Price: $17 USD for a set of 2

Easy to clean? Yes! Top rack dishwasher safe.

Material? Plastic – BPA free.

Age appropriate? Yes! Like the ZoLi cup the weighted straw design makes sure the cup will still work no matter which angle your baby tips the cup. 

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN

Ikea Kalas cup
IKEA Kalas cup

Price: $8 USD for a set of 6

Easy to clean? Yes! Top rack dishwasher safe.

Material? Plastic – BPA free.

Age appropriate? Yes! This is a great, affordable open cup option for toddlers that no longer need a softer open cup.

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN

Weesprout bamboo cups
Weesprout bamboo cups

Price: $17 USD for a set of 4

Easy to clean? Yes! Top rack dishwasher safe

Material? Bamboo – It has a chemical free finish and is Phthalates, BPA and PVC free.

Age appropriate? Yes! This is a great open cup option for toddlers. It really checks all the boxes!

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN

Elk and Friends Stainless Steel cups
Elk and friends stainless steel cups

Price: $35 USD for a set of 4 plus extra tops

Easy to clean? Yes! Dishwasher safe!

Material? Stainless steel – so it is durable and sustainable.

Age appropriate? Yes! This is more aimed for toddlers, but if your baby has mastered the other straw cups above this can be an option for them too.

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN (These are also available in glass too!)

Contigo Straw Tumbler 
Contigo straw tumbler

Price: $10 USD 

Easy to clean? Yes! These come completely apart so they are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe too.

Material? Plastic – BPA free.

Age appropriate? Yes! This is a great option for toddlers.

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN 


When it comes to utensils, choosing the right one can be more confusing because it ultimately depends on your baby’s age and their progression with solid foods. Although there are no specific baby led weaning utensils, there are some characteristics to look for to help them develop their feeding skills. 

Before you pick out utensils for your baby, I highly recommend reading through my Learning How to Use Utensils blog post. In this post, I explain all the reasons behind what utensil to choose and when to use it! 


Price: $12 USD

Type of material? Silicone.

Age appropriate? These are great to introduce as a “pre-spoon” for babies 6 months+. These help your baby get in the motion of using a utensil by allowing them to learn how to dip them into purees. Basically, the food gets stuck in the grooves in the center of the Gootensil, and inevitably prevents it from falling off, so all they really have to focus on is getting the food in their mouth while the Gootensil prevents the food from falling off. They’re also soft and won’t hurt sensitive gums if they’re teething.

Purchase links: Amazon US , Amazon CAN

EZPZ Tiny Spoon

Price: $15 CAN

Type of material? Silicone.

Age appropriate? These are a great option for when baby is around 6 months old. They have a shallow tip for holding food and make dipping possible by allowing food to stick to it easily. They also have sensory bumps and raised rims that provide sensory awareness to help decrease gagging. Like the bumkins chewtensils, the thick nuby handles allow them to hold the utensil easier with their natural fist grip at this age. 

Purchase links: ezpz

Bumkins Chewtensils
Bumkins chewtensils

Price: $15 USD

Type of material? Silicone.

Age appropriate? These are perfect for around 8 months of age when they are still getting used to using a utensil. These allow them to use a full fist to grab while they fine-tune their feeding skills. They also have a shallow spoon tip which doesn’t require a lot of skill to pull food off with the tongue while they start out.

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN

Bumkins Baby Fork 
Bumkins baby fork and spoon

Price: $13 USD

Type of material? Silicone & stainless steel.

Age appropriate? These are recommended for around 10 months+. They have a thinner, soft handle that makes it easy for them to maneuver into their mouth, and a deeper spoon tip so it requires them to build more oral motor skills to get the food off the spoon.

Purchase links: Amazon US , Amazon CAN

Avanchy Bamboo Utensils 
Avanchy bamboo utensils

Price: $20 USD

Type of material? Bamboo & silicone. 

Age appropriate? These come in baby or toddler sizes (10 months up to 24 months). The baby size has a more stubby, thicker handle, as shown above, and the toddler has a longer handle for when they gain more control to maneuver the utensil into their mouth. Both have a silicone tip, so this is a great option if your baby is sensitive to stainless steel utensils on their gums and teeth.

Purchase links: Amazon US – baby & toddler, Amazon CAN – baby & toddler

Green Sprouts Learning Cutlery Set
Greensprouts learning cutlery set

Price: $10 USD

Type of material? Silicone & stainless steel.

Age appropriate? These are appropriate for toddlers. They have a longer, soft handle and a deeper spoon tip for when they are becoming experienced eaters!

Purchase links: Amazon US , Amazon CAN

Kiddobloom stainless steel toddler utensils
Kiddobloom stainless steel toddler utensils

Price: $17 USD

Type of material? Stainless steel.

Age appropriate? These are appropriate for when your toddler is getting really good at utensil use – typically around 24 months. They look similar to adult cutlery, just a smaller, more age appropriate, size. 

Purchase links: Amazon US, Amazon CAN


Keep in mind that these are just suggestions! If your baby doesn’t like these ones, or they aren’t available where you live, just try to find something similar in the sense that it is appropriate for their feeding abilities at the time, and is also a safe, non-toxic material. If you’re looking for more tips on utensil use and commonly asked questions, my blog post on Learning To Use Utensils 101 is just for you. 

And there you have it, my top tips, tricks, and recommendations for your feeding accessory needs! I hope this helped!

If you have a baby who’s approaching the age that they’ll be starting solids soon, and you’re feeling nervous about the whole situation, you’ll understandably want some answers and guidance. My Baby Led Feeding online course can help alleviate that worry and get you well prepared for the next exciting feeding chapter! I’ve helped so many parents just like you get on the right track so you can feel confident you are raising a happy, healthy eater! 

*Please note that I do receive a small commission from the products purchased from my Amazon shops and many of the feeding accessory links provided in this blog post. But, this comes to no additional cost to you, and I only add items to my Amazon shops that I FULLY support and stand behind! These small commissions help me keep my website alive and kicking so I can continue to provide you with valuable feeding info. 


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