#62: Do toddlers need bedtime snacks? When to offer them, what types of foods to offer, and when they can be problematic!

 Episode art for episode: “#62: Do Toddlers Need Bedtime Snacks? Learn When To Offer Them, What Types of Foods To Offer, and When They Can Be Problematic! ” Pictured is a little boy in pajamas eating a snack from a bowl.

In this episode, I’m answering a question a lot of you have asked… “Do toddlers need bedtime snacks?”. I’m sure this has happened to you, your toddler comes to you just before bed and says: “I’m hungry!”. So, do you give your little one something to eat, or are they just stalling? Today, I’ll clear up any confusion around this topic. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing if a bedtime snack is needed, such as when the last time they ate was, and what time they’re going to bed. I’ll explain what the purpose of a bedtime snack is, when it’s warranted, and when it isn’t – that’s right,  I don’t always recommend a bedtime snack! However, for the times when a bedtime snack IS actually warranted, I’ll go over some tips to keep in mind, along with any exceptions to the rule. Lastly, I include how to put the snack into your schedule and give you ideas for good bedtime snacks to serve. So, please tune in and find out if your toddler needs a snack before bed, and what to actually serve them if they do!

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Skip To:

Purpose of the bedtime snack (3:42)

When are bedtime snacks warranted (7:03)

Tips to keep in mind when planning bedtime snacks (8:43)

Exceptions to the rule (16:37)

Ideas for bedtime snacks (22:56)


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