#63: How to Serve Strawberries to Your Baby or Toddler

Episode art for episode: "#63: How to serve strawberries to your baby or toddler". Pictured is a baby eating a strawberry.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the first of a new series I’m going to be doing on how to serve various types of food! This is something that I do, in much more detail, inside my Baby Led Feeding online course, and I know it’s a highly requested topic, so I wanted to begin sharing more about how to safely serve various foods, and where they fit in my signature Texture Timeline™, as well.

Today, I’m starting with a wonderful summer fruit, something that’s in season where I live right now, and is so delicious…strawberries! These are a great option to serve to your baby for many reasons, and I go into some nutritional facts, and allergen facts, regarding strawberries in this episode too. Finally, I share how to safely serve them at different stages for babies, and for toddlers.

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If you’re looking to confidently move through each phase of feeding your baby in order to prevent picky eating, you need my Baby Led Feeding online course!

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And, if you’re looking to begin progressing through textures, but don’t know where to start or how to move forward, sign up for my FREE Texture Timeline™ Challenge to learn about the different phases and practice with some recipes that I provide for each phase.

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