The My Little Eater Podcast

#50: Gardening with Kids: How it can help your picky eater and how to get started now

Episode art for episode "#50: Gardening with Kids: The benefits and how to get started now." Pictured is Caitlin Feltham, dietetic intern at My Little Eater™, and her son.

In this final episode of Season 2, I bring on my dietetic intern, Caitlin, to chat about gardening with your toddler. She shares about why she decided to start gardening with her son, what the benefits are, changes that she’s seen, and her tips on how to get started. I know it sounds like a […]

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#49: The different types of parenting styles and how they affect feeding

In this episode of The My Little Eater Podcast, I have the opportunity to chat with Dr. Shanna Alvarez and Dr. Jenna Elgin from Helping Families Thrive. These two are a breath of fresh air in the parenting world, they have a mission to bring the true research to parents, minus any fear mongering, and […]

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#48: Is it ever ok to limit food for your baby/toddler?

Episode art for episode "#48: Is it ever ok to limit food for your baby/toddler?". Pictured is a smiling toddler eating a large piece of watermelon.

In this episode, I’m answering a question from the audience, and it’s one that I get A LOT! “If my toddler (or baby) eats all of their favourite food, but doesn’t touch anything else on their plate, and wants more of their favourite…do I just give it to them?” And the short answer to this […]

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#47: Everything to know about eggs for your baby & toddler

Episode art for episode "#47:Everything to know about eggs for your baby & toddler." Pictured is a toddler eating scrambled eggs.

In this episode, I’m sharing absolutely everything you could ever need, or want, to know about serving eggs to your baby and toddler! I go into the differences between various types of eggs on the market, the amazing nutritional properties of eggs, how and when to serve them to your babies and toddlers, and so […]

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#46: The best fish for your baby (and which to avoid)

Episode art for episode: "#46: A deep dive into the best fish for your baby (and what to avoid)." Pictured is a baby sitting at the table eating a piece of fish fillet.

In this episode, I’m revealing the extensive research I’ve done on the topic of fish for babies. I include what I find out about which fish is the safest, which should be avoided completely, and how often certain fish can safely be served. Fish has many nutritional benefits, and it’s a top allergen, so serving […]

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#45: Understanding the readiness signs for starting solids: Purees & baby led weaning

Episode art for "#45: Understanding the readiness signs for starting solids: Purees & baby led weaning." Pictured is a baby in a high chair being spoon fed purees.

In this episode, I’m dissecting all of the readiness signs for starting solids! These developmental signs are crucial for your baby to be ready to begin eating solid foods. I’ll even start by busting one myth now, the signs are the same for both puree feeding and baby led weaning. It doesn’t matter how you’re […]

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#44: Do You Really Need to Worry About Salt for Babies?

Episode art for "#44: Do You Really Need to Worry About Salt for Babies?". Pictured is a baby covering their eyes while eating pasta.

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Lily Nichols, RDN. She’s known for challenging common guidelines when it comes to nutrition and dietetics. She analyzes the research and dedicates her time to truly understanding what it implies. Today, we’re talking specifically about the research around salt for babies and how much they […]

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#43: The Best Bread for Baby Led Feeding

Episode art for episode "#43: The Best Bread for Baby Led Feeding." Pictured is a baby sitting in a high chair looking at a piece of bread.

In this episode, I’m going very specific and sharing my top recommendations for choosing the best bread for your baby! Believe it or not, I actually get asked this question A LOT! Bread can contain a lot of sodium, and some even have harmful ingredients for babies, such as honey, so choosing the right type […]

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#42: Why it’s Important to Serve Your Baby Different Textures

Episode art for episode: "#42: Why it's important to serve your baby different textures." Pictured is a baby being spoon-fed pasta.

In this episode, I’m speaking directly to the parents out there who’d like to start solids by offering purees, but then don’t really know when finger foods actually fit in. Do you wait for them to get their pincer grasp? Do you wait until after their first birthday? When do you stop pureeing everything? Does […]

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#41: How I Realized My Time Was Worth More and Why Yours is Too Mama

Episode art for episode "#41: How I Realized My Time Was Worth More and Why Yours is Too Mama". Pictured is a mom colouring a picture with her daughter.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about the many different roles of a mom. She’s a full time cook and cleaner, she’s a teacher and a tutor, she’s a psychologist, she’s a nutritionist, she’s an office manager, a coach, a shuttle driver, a daycare teacher – and that’s not even putting a dent in the longgg […]

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